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Superman, Batman…and Tink!

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies reviewed, and Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure‘s art director Ellen Jin Over interviewed!

New announcements and Saturday Morning clips!

Disc announcements including Spaceballs, District 9, Pooh’s Valentine, Coraline, TCM’s Marx Bros. and Sci-Fi, Ghost In The Shell 2.0, Scooby’s All-Star Laff-a-lympics and Batman: Brave And The Bold!

Wild about Wild Things, Up, Sister Act and more!

Boffo box office for animated fare, plus the big disc sellers, Transformers Season Two reviewed, and an exclusive chat with Sister Act‘s Michael Kosarin! Plus Disney historian Christian Renaut needs your help!

We’re off to see the Wizard!

Comments on the wonderful Wizard Of Oz box set, South Park‘s movie on Blu-ray, plus Tezuka Osamu’s Astonishing Work reviewed!

Not quite the fairest of them all…

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition reviewed in full, plus the last chance to enter our signed Marge Champion photo contest!

Some Day My Prints Will Come…!

A full review of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition is on the way!

Snow White‘s musical legacy explored…

Jeremie Noyer looks back on Snow White‘s production, plus Amazon’s less than $20 offer for the BD set!

Exclusive interview with Snow White herself!

More of our Snow White celebrations: Jeremie Noyer speaks exclusively to Marge Champion, plus a chance to win a signed photo!

Dopey speaks: Snow White‘s characters and legacy!

Tons of new Snow White content, including peeks into Disney Animation Research Library and the film’s historical legacy.

Snow White week begins at AN&V!

No love for the Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Limited Edition Collector’s Set, a terrific new Snow White Contest, plus The Disney Song Encyclopedia and X-Men: The Animated Series – Volume Four reviewed!

Snow White BD and signed Marge Champion photos – Winners Announced!

Win a signed photo of Snow White model Marge Champion, plus a Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray/DVD – Winners Announced!

Tooning In, and tuning up, with composer Shawn Patterson!

Jeremie Noyer speaks with Titan Maximum composer Shawn Patterson!

Snow White and the Seven X-Men!

X-Men: The Animated Series Volume 3 reviewed, and more information on the Snow White Limited Edition set, plus classic cat and mouse!

Disney magic flies again!

Bedknobs And Broomsticks: Enchanted Musical Edition reviewed!

Winnie The Pooh and new announcements too!

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie reviewed, plus a slew of new DVD and Blu-ray Disc announcements: Harry Potter, Rocky, The Prisoner and more!

Bedknobs and Shermans; Earth and Our Gang!

An interview with Richard Sherman, plus review of Earth and The Our Gang Collection.

Off the beaten track…alternative animation 9 and Astro Boy

One of the most original animated features in a long while has just landed at a theater near you, and I’m very pleased that director Shane Acker’s 9, produced from his original Oscar-nominated short into a feature by Tim Burton, has opened at number two at the box-office, with a $15m take. This is healthy […]

Scooby, Aurora and Jasmine…

Although the news is just breaking on Disney’s announcement that they’re scrapping the Platinum Editions and starting again from scratch with the Diamond Collection on Blu-ray Disc, I’m afraid this will be just a quick message today to get an update in before the weekend (hey, it’s my birthday and I’m allowed a day off)! […]

Spider-Mouse: the ultimate character crossover team-up as Disney buys Marvel!

Comments on the Disney/Marvel deal, plus Pete’s Dragon reviewed!

Battle from the 80s: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. GI Joe!

Reviews of two new box sets – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 25th Anniversary Collection and GI Joe: A Real American Hero, Season 1.1.

Witch Mountain, Super Friends, and Disney history!

News reviews, plus catching up on some Disney history!

Lots of classic super-Warner goodness!

Reviews on some great Warner Archive Collection titles, plus Robert Zemeckis to take on Yellow Submarine!?

Miyazaki on Ponyo, plus Green Lantern's First Flight

Review of the Green Lantern video premiere movie, and an interview with Ponyo‘s Hayao Miyazaki.

Who's watching the Watchmen?

Who’s watching the Watchmen? Well it seems, after a somewhat lacklustre theatrical outing earlier this year, that many of you are, since it’s been topping the DVD and Blu-ray sales and rental charts. It’s the kind of film that, as I say in my review for the Watchmen: Director’s Cut on Blu-ray Disc, is more […]

Back to business: new reviews and announcements!

New reviews for Peanuts and Tom & Jerry, plus Disney/Pixar announcements for Up and Monsters, Inc on DVD and Blu-ray.

We now return you to our normal operating service…!

Hey gang — I’m back! Phew, what a summer this has been for me even if, very unfortunately, my lack of show around here has seen the site come to an almost grinding halt. But…things should be getting back to normal any day now — well, about as normal as things get around here! The […]

Exclusive: Going Up with Pixar director Pete Docter!

Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1970s reviewed, plus Jeremie speaks exclusively to Up director Pete Docter!

More X-Men, plus A Bug's Life is back!

X-Men: The Animated Series – Volume 2 reviewed, plus Jeremie Noyer interviews A Bug’s Life character designer Peter de Sève in celebration of the film’s new Blu-ray release!

Cannes you dig it? Plus Disney ditches the Platinums…

Disney’s latest branding line, the Diamond Collection, plus news from Cannes on Terry Gilliam and Martin Scorsese’s latest projects.

Star Trekkin' across the universe! Plus Venture Bros. and Tiny Toons!

Thoughts on Star Trek, Venture Bros. Season 3 and Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1, Volume 2!