I’m was hoping to have my full review of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs up in time for the weekend, but I’m still several hours away from that going live. As one of the most important titles in the Disney line-up, and a big release in terms of home video and its high definition debut on the Blu-ray format, I’m being sure to cover all the bases. So this is just a quick pointer to say keep ’em peeled over the weekend, when Snow White‘s BD bow will be scrutinized right here.

In short, the restoration of the movie is exemplary, and well worth picking up as I have mentioned earlier this week, but the supplemental package leaves much to be desired: those with the deluxe LaserDisc sets or the previous Platinum Edition DVD will not want to lose the hours of material dropped on this so-called “definitive” edition. Ho-hum, and heigh-ho…have a great weekend, and don’t forget your chance to enter our Marge Champion contest!

Stay tooned! — Ben.