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There are several ways to contact the people who bring you Animated Views:

• For messages about site or its content you can contact us at

• For messages about site problems you can contact the webmaster at

• You can leave us a voicemail message by calling (323) 920-5528

• You can use the form on this page (anonymous messages are fine)

• If you want to point out a news story you’ve found for possible inclusion on the site, you can use the form below, the email above, or you can post it in our forum and a moderator will follow up on it

Please note: Submissions from the forum posted to the site will be credited to the individual (unless poster asks not to be in their message). Submissions sent via email or the form below will not be credited to the individual (unless poster asks to be in their message). This will ensure that we don’t accidently identify someone who would rather remain nameless.




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