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The Legend of Vox Machina

The animated adaption of Critical Role is ultra violent and heavy on profanity. Yet the series is brought to life with majestic visuals, thrilling narratives, and colorful characters that make The Legend of Vox Machina a critical success.

Santa Inc.

Bah humbug!


The animated series based on League Of Legends boasts a wonderfully emotional narrative, breathtaking visuals that mix CG and hand-drawn animation, and a delightful ensemble cast of characters, making Arcane a legendary show.

Inside Job

A very adult comedy whose fascinating exploration of conspiracy theories being real is merely a cover for chronicling the social life of its megalomaniacal and enduring lead, though at the cost of under-developing other characters.

Star Wars: Visions

The anime anthology series invites audiences to explore a fascinating new approach to the Star Wars mythology, presenting an exciting and unique look at the galaxy far, far away.

Helluva Boss

This is not a family-friendly show, pushing acceptable adult content to a shocking degree, but those willing to brave the fires of Beelzebub may enjoy the independently produced high quality animation, eccentric characters, and nice melodies.

The Owl House

The Owl House tells a nice, fun premise with quirky characters and some really good animation while playing with fantasy conventions in bizarre fashion that’s a hoot.

Hazbin Hotel

Be warned: Hazbin Hotel is not a family-friendly show. Yet the independently produced pilot features high quality animation, wonderful characters, and catchy show-tunes that is worth checking in to.



Rick And Morty: Rickmancing The Stone

Adult Swim’s brilliant series is back for its third season, possibly more hilarious and twisted than ever. If you’re not already watching it, now’s the time to start.

Legend Quest

Endure the rough start and one will find Legend Quest to be an exciting, dramatic adventure filled with scary creatures and fascinating mythologies to explore.

The Loud House

The Loud House is a surprisingly nice little series that looks good. But the premise of a boy with ten sisters could end up being a burden if not tinkered with carefully.

Dragons: Race To The Edge

Those new to the series may be confused, but Race To The Edge provides fans with quality storytelling and animation that make it DreamWorks’ best animated series.

The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar

The story may not be king, but terrific animation and catchy songs make The Lion Guard a worthy adventure for its target audience. Kids will adore it.

Turbo: F.A.S.T.

Turbo: F.A.S.T. is a surprisingly entertaining treat. With zippy plots and a genuine sense of fun, these snails should be fast enough to please both kids and adults.


DreamWorks’ latest series may not offer much for adults, but it’s harmless for little kids, and painless enough for parents to not wish for it to become extinct.

Rick & Morty

“Wuba-luba-dub-dub!” Smart, twisted, and very funny, Rick & Morty continues to be one of the best cartoon shows on television for adults.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

The latest adventure starring everyone’s favorite toys proves to be a fun one, with cool new characters and great jokes. Just don’t expect it to feel like a Christmas special.

DC Nation-Week 6

After a less than impressive kick-off, DC Nation is carrying two strong series. The shorts, however, are hit or miss, but overall it is an hour of pure superhero TV.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Nickelodeon’s Avatar adventures continues with The Legend of Korra, which is setup to be more than a worthy sequel.

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins plays doctor with her stuffed animal friends while teaching health and wellness along with basic science concepts to children without dumbing down the ideas.

DC Nation Block – Week 1

Cartoon Network’s new action block promises an hour of superhero adventure and humor with Young Justice, Green Lantern and new DC Shorts, which, though the first week was full of premiere reruns and filler, made the hour worth watching.

Bubble Guppies-Bubble Puppy’s Fin-tastic Fairy Tale

Bubble Guppies is about a school of mermaid toddlers, who live, learn, have adventures in a world too cutesy and unreal to even exist in your imagination.

Young Justice

Although it would benefit from giving its female characters more to do, this latest DC cartoon series has more depth than expected, with cliche-free teen heroes and a lot of potential.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

Star Wars returns to the Robot Chicken universe for a longer, fluidly stop-motion animated special that, although occasionally resorting to lazy crudities, is otherwise high on laughs.


Cartoon Network’s debut television movie mixes some formulaic aspects in with much teen angst, but the result is an interesting plot and an entertaining translation of the original comic books.

Timmy Time

Aardman’s Shaun The Sheep spin-off, new to Playhouse Disney, is characteristic pre-school fare, but the visually strong storytelling and social lessons to be learned are wrapped up in a typically proficient and entertaining package.

Prep & Landing

This is probably one of the funniest new Christmas specials created in recent years, featuring superior writing, animation and a visual style that make Prep & Landing an extremely enjoyable experience.

Merry Madagascar

DreamWorks Animation’s second seasonal special amplifies everything that is good and bad about their Madagascar franchise, from the decent squashy animation to loud, shouty dialogue, with too much screen time, as usual, handed to lemur King Julien.

Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death

Nick Park’s latest adventure for his lovably perilously-prone duo is as accomplished as ever, if perhaps not quite as stunning or original as previous efforts.