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Oscar Night 2022

Tonight’s the night. The winners of the 94th Annual Academy Awards will be announced this evening. And we’ll be here covering it as part of our annual Oscar event, now in its 18th year! Be sure to join us for a live chat during the show this evening!

Oscar Night 2021

After a longer than usual delay, the winners of the 93rd Annual Academy Awards will finally be revealed this evening. And we’ll be here covering it as part of our annual Oscar event, now in its 17th year!

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There’s a new cyber-feature that all the hip sites are implementing these days called “comments”. Let it not be said that AV isn’t on fleek when it comes to the latest trends you kids are into!

Oscar Night 2020

It’s time — the winners of the 92nd Annual Academy Awards will be revealed this weekend. And we’ll be covering it as part of our annual Oscar event, now in its 16th year! UPDATE: Congrats to our contest winner! Results now online!

SpongeBob celebrates 20 years with a Big Birthday Blowout and the Best Year Ever

Nickelodeon’s iconic series, SpongeBob SquarePants, has reached its 20th anniversary, and the network is celebrating the “Best Year Ever”!

The Calendar and Countdown app are back!

Count down to opening dates for upcoming animated films on our calendar, and carry the calendar in your pocket with our smart phone app!

Oscar Night 2019

Tonight’s the big night! The winners of the 91st Annual Academy Awards will be revealed this evening. And we’ll be here covering it as part of our annual Oscar event, now in its 15th year! Be sure to join us for a live chat during the show this evening!

AV is fifteen!

Fifteen years ago today, Animated Views was born! Come take a walk down memory lane with us as we look back at our history. And we’ve got a special present for you — the original Animated Movies database, as last seen online in 2003!

Animated Views IV: A New Hope

Welcome to the all-new Animated Views! It’s been nine years since our last revamp, and it showed! With our 15th anniversary coming up, we wanted to get this place spruced up for our loyal readers. So what’s new? Read on to find out!

Oscar Night 2018

Tonight’s the night! Oscar statuettes will be bestowed on lucky filmmakers this evening at the 90th Annual Academy Awards. Join us for a live chat and keep track of your contest ballot!

Oscar Weekend 2017

The winners of the 89th Annual Academy Awards will be revealed this weekend. Here are all the details you need for our 13th Annual Oscar Event.

Oscar Night 2016

It’s time for the winners of the 88th Annual Academy Awards to be revealed ! Check out the consensus picks in our contest and join us for a live chat during the show.

Oscar Night 2015

The biggest night in movies is here…even if none of the movies themselves are that big! Come be part of our 11th Oscar event, with live show chat, our contest winners, and the consensus picks from our readers!

Less is more, and more animated news is good news!

In order to bring you the latest happenings in the animation world in a more timely manner, we’re switching our news posts to a headline only format to get more links to you in less time.

Oscar Night 2014

Tonight’s the night! The Oscar winners will be revealed this evening. Join us during a live chat, find out who will win our contest, and see the consensus picks from our readers.

AV to celebrate 10th anniversary all week!

Ten years ago this week, on October 18, 2003, Animated Views was born! Leading up to the actual anniversary date this Friday, we’re going to be taking a look back at the site’s journey.

MoviePass – Does It Work?

Last month we looked at the new movie theatre subscription service MoviePass. After a month of using it, does it actually work and is it worth it?

MoviePass – How It Works

Would you pay $35 a month to see every movie you want to see on the big screen? MoviePass offers a subscription service that allows just that at almost any theatre in the country.

Welcome The Rotoscopers!

Animated Views is happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with The Rotoscopers! Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson, and Mason Smith are the hosts of a fun and informative show called the Animation Addicts Podcast.

Oscar Night 2013

It’s Oscar night! Hopefully you entered our prediction contest for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, but whether you did or not, be sure to join us at 7:30pm ET during the telecast in the Animated Views forum to track your picks – and the results – live!

AV introduces website calendar and iPhone app

We launched two new features this week: an iPhone app called AV Countdown, and a website calendar listing upcoming animated films. Toon in here to get the details!

Oscar weekend

It’s Oscar weekend — spend it with Animated Views! Print your ballot, follow the contest results in real time, check out the AV consensus in each category, and join us for a live chat.

FINAL DAY to enter AV’s Oscar contest

Animated Views is giving away a $50 Amazon gift certificate! All you have to do is predict who is going to win at the 84th Annual Academy Awards (to be held on Sunday, February 26th on ABC). The person with the most correct picks will win! Entries are due TODAY by midnight ET. Already entered? […]

Don’t forget AV’s Oscar contest and live chat!

Just a friendly reminder that Friday is the last day to get in your ballot for our annual Oscar contest, where you can win a prize package worth $200! Be sure to submit your entry here. If you entered before Friday, please check here to ensure your ballot was received and validated. Also, don’t forget […]

Easter goodies, plus a review roundup!

Disney’s Ghibli Collection and recent major title reviews, Easter specials and our Easter Basket contest!

Join our live Oscar chat tonight

Join members of the Animated Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we’ll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night! We’ll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET tonight.

Oscar goes Blu!

Current reviews, and the return of the annual Animated Views Oscar Contest!

Turning up for Tooning In!

Animated Views updates, and prepare for the new-look Animated Views Forum coming this weekend!

Golden Globes for animation, and a teaser for this week…

Up and Avatar win at the Globes. And more to come this week!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2010!

Animated Views wishes you all the very best for the coming year! Plus thoughts on the season’s big blockbuster, James Cameron’s Avatar…