av10@2xTen years ago this week, on October 18, 2003, Animated Views was born! We looked a lot different way back then and our name has changed a little bit. But other than that we’re doing the same thing we wanted to do a decade ago — share our love of animation with other fans. Leading up to the actual anniversary date this Friday, we’re going to be taking a look back at the site’s journey. But before that, we want to thank all of our readers, without whom we would not have lasted a year! This milestone has re-energized us, and we’re working on some new ideas that will hopefully take us into our second decade!

TUESDAY UPDATE: Check out our archive of themed logos that ran at the top of the site during holidays and film openings.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: What year of our existence had the best slate of animated films? You tell us!

THURSDAY UPDATE: Come take a look back with us through the Animated Views archives — see how things used to be and get a peek behind the scenes!

FRIDAY UPDATE: Today is the day! We launched on this date 10 years ago! Again, thank you so much for allowing us to do this — because without you this site would not have had the longevity it has enjoyed. Today we look at the 31 titles out of over 700 that have earned a rare perfect 10. Also, the results of our poll are now in, so check out what year you chose as the best.

SATURDAY UPDATE: As our anniversary week comes to a close, we take a retrospective look back at the founding and history of site with the people who made it happen.