UPDATE: Congratulations to our contest co-winners bill_peloquin, Bobbleheadbuddha, dnanni1, GeorgeMonkey, instlouis, jwvaughn007, and StevenB606 who each got 20 out of the 21 scored categories correct!

While all will be listed as champions in the record book, only one can win the prize. After applying the tie-breaker, congratulations again to bill_peloquin who got all three animation categories correct.

Tonight is the night. The winners of the 94th Annual Academy Awards will be announced tonight. And we’ll be covering it as part of our annual Oscar event, now in its 18th year!

Join us at 7:30pm ET for a live chat during the Oscar telecast in the Animated Views forum where you can join the AV staff and other readers as we discuss the people, the story-lines, and the awards.

If you entered our contest (for a chance to win a $50 Amazon of Fandango gift card!), you can view or print a PDF of all the nominees and your picks to check how you’re doing at home. You can also follow along during the show as we track the results of the contest online in real time as each award is announced.

And soon we’ll be revealing our selections for the Best of 2022 and your picks in the Readers’ Choice poll!

Want a sneak peek at who might be taking home the trophies tonight? Here are the the consensus picks in each category according to people who entered our contest!