James here today! Ben is working on some other things right now but you’ll hear from him again soon.

As you may have already noticed, we launched two new features this week. The first is an iPhone app called AV Countdown. With this app you can see a list of upcoming animated films and the date they are set to be released. Tap one of the movie banners and you’ll get a full screen countdown themed to that film! Pick your favorite and every time you launch the app you’ll start with that movie’s countdown screen. This app is a fun way to get your inner animation geek excited about what’s to come or to just answer your kid’s question when they ask you about an upcoming movie. And it’s free! Check out our AV Countdown page for details or visit the forum for more.

The second new feature draws directly from the first, and is a project we have wanted to do around here for years. With a database of movies coming soon already complete for the app it was a no brainer that we needed to take this opportunity to finally start a website calendar of upcoming films. Besides the release date and a countdown, the calendar also features the distributor and studio info and (if you click the image) a link to the film’s website.

We obviously plan on keeping both of these updated as new information becomes available. But you can help us out with that by using this thread of the forum to post new releases and date changes you come across while surfing the web.

We hope you enjoy these new features and find them useful!