There’s a new cyber-feature that all the hip websites are implementing these days called “comments”. Apparently the way it works is after you finish reading an article, you can actually leave your thoughts and opinions right there on the same page! Let it not be said that Animated Views isn’t on fleek when it comes to the latest trends you kids are into!

OK, so in reality we’re way behind the times when it comes this! While we’ve had message boards since our launch in 2003, we’ve been reluctant to add commenting. We worried about our readership’s conversations being split up in different places, with some people talking about a topic in the forums and others doing so in a comments section, with both groups having a diminished experience because of it.

After much (maybe too much!) deliberation, we’ve finally found a way to allay those concerns — by combining per article comments with the forum! Basically, when someone makes a comment on a website story, forum users will see it; when forum users make a comment about a website story, commenters will see it. A side benefit is one account allows you to post in both places, for those that choose to.

Commenting will be active on most reviews and feature articles going forward. We’re still working out details on how to add them to the news section. For now, you can try them out here below, on last week’s Onward review, and our recent Blazing Dragons retrospective.

We’ve been testing this for awhile now, but definitely be on the lookout for any issues and let us know abut them.

So dial up AOL, fire up Internet Explorer, sign up for an account, then speak up in the Animated Views community! It’s gonna be da bomb diggity!