Although the news is just breaking on Disney’s announcement that they’re scrapping the Platinum Editions and starting again from scratch with the Diamond Collection on Blu-ray Disc, I’m afraid this will be just a quick message today to get an update in before the weekend (hey, it’s my birthday and I’m allowed a day off)!

On the reviews front, we have a couple of new ones for you, with Rodney Figueiredo taking a look at Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: Season One, Vol. 3 – Hello Mummy, a mouthful of a title if ever I heard one. Selecting four episodes from the original show (which also naturally appeared in the full season set released some years ago), this edition somewhat celebrates Scooby’s 40th anniversary and though the package is light, Rodney suggests the picks are some of the series’ “best and most memorable”.

Certainly less memorable is Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, a so-called new “special edition” that is anything but the sort. I’d just gotten the memory of this poorly conceived direct to video dross out of my mind when here come Aurora and Jasmine again in the exact same disc as was issued in 2007. The only “new” material is a short peek at the upcoming The Princess And The Frog – but don’t get excited…even this isn’t anything you haven’t already seen online (and for free), leaving this edition as nothing but a cheap cash-in to shift some unsold copies.

Have a great weekend…I’m going to be wading through the remastered Beatles In Stereo boxset that just landed at my door and no doubt singing along with the Fab Four before too long. Stay tooned! — Ben.