Superman/Batman: Public Enemies reviewed, and Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure’s art director Ellen Jin Over interviewed!

Providing a look at two different aspects of the home video movie market today are a couple of new pieces on the site. Firstly, Randall’s swooped in with his take on Superman/Batman: Public Enemies on Blu-ray, the latest DC Universe animated title that recreates a classic strip story for the screen. Rand’s not too impressed overall, but finds the fault may well be with the original comic’s plotline, gaping holes included. But Rand ultimately calls the feature “fun” and has better words for its supplements package, which includes exclusive video of a dinner conversation between the DC animated series’ head honchos and Kevin (Batman) Conroy, making the disc “worth picking up just for this feature”.

Moving on from the graphic, hand-drawn style of those superheroes to a soft surface, smooth and fluid CGI style is Jeremie, who today speaks with art director Ellen Jin Over on how she achieved a very feminine approach to Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure, the latest in the Disney Fairies line, out on DVD and Blu-ray next week. Going back to the original 1953 Peter Pan feature was a starting point, combined with a need to stick closely to the established style of the first Tinkerbell movie. I still haven’t caught that yet, but Rand will be reviewing this new one shortly.

Have a great weekend, and stay tooned! — Ben.