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Monsters Vs. Aliens! Smurfs! Plus the WB Archives open up!

Monsters V. Aliens director Conrad Vernon interviewed, plus news on the exciting Warner Archives releases and other new announcements!

Lilo & Stitch's directors speak!

An interview with Lilo & Stitch directors Chris Sanders and Dean De Blois!

Bolt, Lilo, Stitch…plus their creators!

Interviews with Bolt‘s crew, and the first of two celebrating the release of Lilo & Stitch in a two-disc edition DVD!

DC Comics animation goodness, plus director Michel Ocelot!

A whole heap of DC Comics animation reviews and videoclips, plus an interview with Azur & Asmar director Michel Ocelot!

South Park Chihuahua…a new breed? Get Outa Here!

Jeremie speaks to the creators of You’re Outa Here, plus full reviews for Beverly Hills Chihuahua and South Park: Season 12.

Pinocchio and Gulliver, but which one is the big lie…?

A look at Pinocchio, plus a word of warning on Gulliver’s Travels: be afraid…be very afraid…and run, run away!

Yogi! New announcements! And tons of Pinocchio clips!

Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear! reviewed, plus new announcements and sneak peeks at the Pinocchio Platinum!

A Magic Gourd, Chipmunks, Madagascar's Nana and Wonder Woman? It's another packed post!

Well, do please excuse me…but after the excitement of the Academy Awards earlier this week I haven’t been able to find the time to drop in with my usual comments here! But new reviews have been popping up throughout the week: my take on Disney’s first international co-production, China’s The Secret Of The Magic Gourd, […]

And the Oscars go to…the (Slum) dogs!

“Each year I do one DreamWorks movie and I take the money from that to the Oscars and bet it on Pixar!” So said Best Animated Feature presenter Jack Black, cracking up Jeffrey Katzenberg and equaling Steve Martin for one of the two funniest lines of the evening at the 81st Annual Academy Awards, held […]

The Art Of Pixar Shorts, plus last chance for the Oscar Contest!

Added yesterday to the site is Randall’s look at Amid Amidi’s latest animation book, The Art Of Pixar Short Films, a weighty tome that uniquely explores an often overlooked aspect of the CG studio’s output. Covering thirteen of Pixar’s short films from The Adventures Of Wally B. to Lifted, the book very neatly separates them […]

More Tom And Jerry Tales, plus we need your Blu-ray help!

Rodney has jumped in with his latest review, a very enthusiastic one for the most recent collection of episodes from Tom And Jerry Tales Volume Six. I must admit to trying to catch the show as and when I can but haven’t seen too much of it. However I would certainly agree that I’ve been […]

The return of Ariel and the Super Friends!

Reviews of The All-New Super Friends Hour: Season One, Volume Two; and The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea.

New twists on Oliver, Poppins, Peanuts and Bugs' Looney Movie!

Oliver & Company, Mary Poppins anniversary editions reviewed, plus new Charlie Brown and Looney Bugs Movie details!

Giveaway winners, plus our Academy Award contest!

Hey all…I’m still battling a cold, but reviews for Oliver & Company and Mary Poppins are on the way. Our recent contests to win copies of Oliver plus other recent Disney releases of Space Buddies and The Secret Of The Magic Gourd have now ended, so check out to see if you won! Yesterday also […]

Polar Bears, WALL-E's BAFTA win, plus the return of our Oscar Contest!

I’m afraid we’ve just a short post today as I attempt to battle off a return bout of a cold that I don’t want to spread back into the flu I just shook off while also trying to finish off our reviews on Oliver & Company and the 45th Anniversary Edition of Mary Poppins. Those […]

Python's Gilliam honored, Gulliver's details, plus new discs!

News on Terry Gilliam’s BAFTA prize, details on the mysterious Gulliver’s Travels, plus a couple of new super-hero disc announcements!

Oliver & Company's Director George Scribner!

Today we’re speaking to Oliver & Company‘s director George Scribner in celebration of the film’s new 20th Anniversary DVD!

New week, new contests, more Oliver!

New contests, an interview with Oliver & Company‘s composer JAC Redford, plus Despereaux and more Clone Wars on disc.

Oliver, Dave Pruiksma, and Company!

We speak to Oliver & Company animator Dave Pruiksma, and preview a little more of You’re A Good Sport, Charlie Brown!

More Peter & The Wolf, Madagascar 2 – and a quick catch-up!

Peter & The Wolf reviewed, plus Madagascar 2 disc details and a quick game of catch-up!

Step in time! Poppins is back, plus new discs and more!

Speaking with Richard Sherman, new disc news and updates, plus Warner Bros. animation clips!

Peter, the Wolf, and a Nutty Professor! Plus Watership Down's composer remembered…

We review The Nutty Professor (2008), speak to the filmmakers behind the 2008 Oscar winner Peter & The Wolf, and remember composer Angela Morely.

Oscars, LaserDiscs, Lost Chords, and Wild animals!

Views on the Oscar nominations, a look back at the glory days of LaserDisc, more gems from the archives in Disney’s Lost Chords 2 plus The Wild reviewed!

Ben’s baaaa-aaaack!

Ben’s back, and with him comes a bunch of backed-up content. Check in for a heap of new stuff, including our Best Of 2008, new interviews, reviews and contest!

Hardware and software on the way!

Hello Animated Views readers! James here, as Ben’s computer problems continue to keep him offline for the time being. My internet service went out for about three days recently and I was bouncing off the walls not being able to get on the web! So I really sympathize with what Ben must be going through […]

New Year's Surprise — Peanuts treats!

A few weeks ago, we posted a number of reviews of DVDs featuring the Peanuts gang, but I had one more in the hopper that I’d been holding off on posting until we needed to fill some space during the holidays. I meant to post it earlier, but better late than never, especially since our […]

Christmas time is here

Merry Christmas from Animated Views! We’ve got a few presents for you this week. First up is Randall’s exhaustive review of Batman: The Complete Animated Series. Randall came away impressed by the content, packaging, and the extra goodies in this comprehensive set — so consider yourself lucky if Santa leaves it under your tree! Also […]

Return To The Sea (again), plus Dr Horrible and another Nutty Professor…

New contests for The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea and The Nutty Professor!

At the movies: Klaatu, Julien, Despereaux, a Transporter, Bolt and Delgo!

A ton of reviews, for Bolt, Delgo, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Madagascar 2, Transporter 3, plus updates and a new Tale Of Despereaux contest!

WALL•E wins over the critics; Brit legend Oliver Postgate RIP…

WALL•E wins over the critics, plus a look back on British animator Oliver Postgate’s career.