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Rotoscopers YouTube: Frozen, Animation Showdown, Turbo

Morgan discusses the latest information on Frozen and reviews Turbo. Then Chelsea joins her to discuss the differences and similarities between The Blue Umbrella and Paperman in their first Animation Showdown.

Now Playing: Pacific Rim and more

Now Playing takes on Pacific Rim: A ridiculous spectacle that will impress and disappoint. Also, a look at The Wolverine and R.I.P.D.

Animation Addicts Podcast #42: Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strike’s Back

Morgan, Mason and guest host Gary Wright talk all things Pokémon! Be prepared for a nerdy, tangent-filled episode because this one takes us straight back into Generation 1.

Now Playing: The Lone Ranger and more

In the debut of our Now Playing blog: Forget what you’ve heard — they’re all wrong! If you’re willing to give it the time, The Lone Ranger eventually does the original justice. Also, a look at World War Z and White House Down.

Animation Addicts Podcast #41: Monsters University – We’re OK!

The Rotoscopers head back to school to review Pixar’s 14th animated film Monsters University! They discuss new animated trailers, the short The Blue Umbrella, and, of course, all things MU.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Despicable Me 2

Morgan talks about the funny summer film Despicable Me 2 with Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and THE MINIONS!

Animation Addicts Podcast #40: Robin Hood – Cheap Quotable Thrills

The Rotoscopers gang is back in action in this extra long episode, where they talk about one of their all-around favorite Disney animated classics: Robin Hood!

MoviePass – Does It Work?

Last month we looked at the new movie theatre subscription service MoviePass. After a month of using it, does it actually work and is it worth it?

Animation Addicts Podcast #39: Rise of the Guardians – Guardians of Liberty

Mason, Morgan, and Chelsea take on Rise of the Guardians! This episode hits the history of the film, all the highs and lows of the movie, characters and a million tangents!

Rotoscopers YouTube: The Art of Epic

In the latest installment of their continuing coverage of “Art of…” books, Morgan Stradling and Chelsea Robson review the The Art of Epic, showcasing the latest feature film from Blue Sky Studios.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Epic and A Monster In Paris

Chelsea talks about the first of the 2013 summer animated releases, Epic. Then Morgan joins her to review the recent Blu-ray release of A Monster In Paris.

Animation Addicts Podcast #38: How To Train Your Dragonite…I Mean, Dragon

Morgan, Chelsea, and Mason are flying high as they discuss DreamWorks’ How to Train your Dragon — and much, much more!

MoviePass – How It Works

Would you pay $35 a month to see every movie you want to see on the big screen? MoviePass offers a subscription service that allows just that at almost any theatre in the country.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Frozen facts, rumors, and spoilers

Morgan and Chelsea discuss what they know about Disney’s Frozen — from rumors, officially released info, and a video accidentally posted online and quickly removed. Spoilers abound, so beware!

Win My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle

Animated Views and Disney are giving you a chance to win the new Blu-ray editions of Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle!

Animation Addicts Podcast #37: Tinker Bell – They’re Breaking Canon

Morgan and Chelsea are flying solo as they discuss DisneyToon Studios’ first installment in the Tinker Bell franchise – Tinker Bell! Join the fun as they discuss Tinker Bell’s origins and first movie!

Rotoscopers YouTube: Cinderella, Tinkerbell – Secret of the Wings, Don Bluth Front Row Theatre

The Rotoscopers review the Cinderella Diamond Edition set, the Tinkerbell film Secret of the Wings, and a unique play venue in the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre.

Win Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie on Blu-ray – Winner announced!

Animated Views is giving away Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie on Blu-ray to one lucky reader!

Rotoscopers YouTube: The Art of The Croods and Q&A Part 2

Morgan and Chelsea check out the book The Art of The Croods. Then they finish up their Q&A series with questions about Disney problems and favorite films, and the story of how they met.

Animation Addicts Podcast #36: Howl’s Moving Castle – Beast’s Moving Batcave

The Rotoscopers take an introspective dive into Howl’s Moving Castle. Join in as they review, discuss, analyze, think deeply and talk shallowly on this Miyazaki film!

Win a Monster in Paris Blu-ray 3D combo pack – Winners announced!

Animated Views is giving away the Monster in Paris Blu-ray 3D combo pack to two lucky readers!

Rotoscopers YouTube: Q&A Part 2

Morgan and Chelsea continue to answer your questions! In this installment they discuss topics including when Disney might go back to hand drawn animation and what can be done to improve job loss in the film, gaming, and visual effects industries.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Planes test screening

Chelsea and Morgan had the opportunity to see a test screening of the upcoming Disney film Planes. And what do you know? They LIKED it! Check out their spoiler free video review.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Q&A Part 1

Morgan and Chelsea asked what you want to know and now they answer your questions! In this installment they discuss the greatness of DuckTales, Disney crossovers and spinoffs they’d like to see, and how to make animation appealing to more people.

Animation Addicts Podcast #34: Toy Story 2 – British Invasion

The Rotoscopers are excited to bring on their first official guest host, William Jardine from! Join in for a rip-roaring discussion of Pixar’s first sequel Toy Story 2.

Rotoscopers YouTube: The Croods

On the fence about DreamWorks’ latest film, The Croods? Morgan Stradling was pleasantly surprised, and says most everyone that gives it a chance will be satisfied with it.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Wreck-It Ralph and Finding Nemo

The Rotoscopers talk about the recent home video releases of Wreck-It Ralph and Finding Nemo, two animated classics — though one outshines the other in bonus features.

Animation Addicts Podcast #33: The Adventures of Tintin – Relax, I Interviewed A Pilot Once

Join Hergé newbies Morgan and Chelsea as they dive into the fast-paced, adventure film The Adventures of Tintin.

Rotoscopers YouTube: Cinderella sequels, Oz The Great and Powerful

Morgan and Chelsea discuss the Cinderella sequels and the new Oz prequel — all of which are a bit hit and miss, but some still worth seeing.


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