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Morgan, Mason and special guest host Gary Wright talk all things Pokémon! Be prepared for a nerdy, tangent-filled episode because this one takes us straight back into Generation 1.


• Special guest host: Water trainer Gary Wright

• News: Despicable Me 2 review & box office performance; Frozen media blizzard – Japanese trailer, official character images, new Disney Animation release dates.

• Catch & Fire with Gary

• Nerdy Couch Discussion: All things Pokémon! Favorite games, genwunners, the anime & controversial episodes.

• Random Pokémon generator game!

• Main discussion: Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strike’s Back.

• Soundtrack with random artists, opening in Cinnabar Island, Giovanni is best Pokémon character, movie tie-ins.

• Untold Story of Mewtwo, is Mewtwo still considered the most powerful Pokémon?, stupid scientists just working for a paycheck, Mewtwo’s appearance in the anime in Giovanni’s gym,

• Opening scene with Ash & gang; random trainer with a Donphan; never-before-seen Gen 2 Pokémon; a not so wild Dragonite appears!

• The grand tournament, big storm, Vikings, Confucius Nurse Joy.

• Difference between Pokemon Champion and Master?

• Mewtwo and Mew arrive; who’s that Pokémon mistake, cloning is so easy; Pikachu slap fight, is Rapunzel a Pokémon.

• How Pokémon The First Movie should have ended.

• Themes and morals: fighting is bad, battling is good; meaning of life.