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The Rotoscopers head back to school to review Pixar’s 14th animated film Monsters University! They discuss new animated trailers, the short The Blue Umbrella, and, of course, all things Monsters University.


• New host: Brock Pearson.

• Experiences from the MU showings: kids, Pixar super fans, cool MU gear.

• Trailers before MU: Despicable Me 2, Frozen, Cloudy 2, Planes, Turbo

• News: Lego Movie trailer & Frozen trailer.

• Animation Lesson by Mason: Character appeal/design in Monsters University.

• Every monsters is different; real person names.

• Mini discussion: The Blue Umbrella

• Main discussion: Monsters University

• Little Mike, opening credits, Mike’s roommate, first day of class, architecture, scare games introduction, clubs.

• First day of class: Scaring 101, Hardscrabble’s entrance, MU is Mike’s story, stealing the pig similar to The Simpsons.

• Final exam: poor Mike, sulking Sulley, canister engineering, realistic lighting using raytracing.

• Members of Oozma Kappa: Don Carlton, Squishy Squibbles, Terry and Terri Perry, Art, Squishy’s mom.

• Scare games: entertainment & show us time’s progression, sea urchin confusion and lighting.

• Other frats, lack of real-life frat experiences, are letterman jackets a thing in college anymore?

• More scare games: why don’t teenagers get scared?, in the library, scare simulator scare game

• Final 3rd act: Mike in the human world, Pixar people and human hair, final big scare, should it have been rated PG?, unpredictable ending, best friends since 4th grade?

• Chelsea’s rant about the music.

• We rate it (all quite differently).

• Twitter question & voicemail!