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The people have spoken! The top requested film in 2013 was The Lion King! Go along with Mason, Morgan, and Chelsea as they talk about the iconic film from their childhood!


• First impressions and stats: The Lion King vs. Frozen.

• Story: was this REALLY based on Hamlet? A Mason theory.

• How can you go wrong with Hans Zimmer, Elton John, and Tim Rice?

• How does “The Baboon Priesthood” actually work?

• Scar vs. Mufasa. Why Scar is the prototype of a child predator.

• Two thumbs WAY way up for the voice acting!

• “This is worse than when Zazu and Iago took over the Tiki Room!”

• They should have a deleted scene with “The Birdie Boiler”.

• More reasons why Mufasa is so great.

• Scar: The lame Pokemon trainer.

• “Hey look it’s Jim Cummings!”

• The Stampede. Hans Zimmer is the master of mood.

• Scar should have waited it out and stayed in the lion senate.

• Mason voices Matthew Broderick.

• Special bonus Zelda episode coming at you.

• All of us need a ”Remember who you are” moment.

• The Disney vulture reunion.

• All this controversy, the merchandise, and our ratings!

• Voicemail, Twitter question, and mail bag.

• Bloopers: AKA a bunch of random quotes you thought we missed.