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It’s big and LOUD! The Rotoscopers look into the one and only film from Turner Feature Animation, Cats Don’t Dance.


• The animation competition in 1997. The age of the musicals.

• Animation quality vs the merchandising!

• Director Mark Dindal: What happened to him? Seriously… does anyone know?

The Aristocats‘ canon is expanded. The tragic tale of Marie!

• Chelsea’s schedule to stardom.

• Darla Dimple. Clearly inspired by Shirley Temple.

• Mason’s question and Chelsea’s soap box.

• Why do we care so much about Sawyer?

• Little Steven Spielberg

• Yzma and Kronk are recycled

• We Rate It!

• Emails from Mike, Andrew Chee, Kynan, Alex Hatch, Mark, Joe T.

• And of course… bloopers!