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Join Mason as he interviews Kevin Schreck, the director of Persistence of Vision, a documentary of the story behind the animated film by Richard Williams, The Thief and the Cobbler.


• Kevin’s interest in stop motion.

• Catch and Fire: Jafar and Iago were college roommates.

• Where did you get the name? What was the process of making this documentary?

• Who was the most fascinating to interview? The Fan Letter. Shout out to Canadian animators.

• Animation archeology.

• Sean Connery…why?

• The timeline of the documentary.

• What is the more important story: The Thief or Richard Williams?

• What were Richard’s best qualities as a producer?

• How did his studio affect the world of animation? “A very special place.”

• Life lessons learned.

• “The Supper Secret Project!” -Will show soldiers in a field.

• How Kevin got an internship at DreamWorks. “Unpaid” plug.