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Morgan and Mason are joined by Rotoscopers writer Blake Taylor, as they discuss Blake’s favorite film Mary Poppins, as well as the upcoming Saving Mr. Banks.


• Breaking tradition and doing our first live-action film!

• Announcements: Podcast Awards results will be announced in January; 1st Annual Rotoscopers Awards. Voting starts December 1.

• Main Discussion: Mary Poppins

• A very LONG movie for kids…it never ends!

• Story of acquiring the rights and P.L. Traver’s negative reaction to the film.

• Is Mary Poppins a witch or fairy? Do Mary Poppins and Nanny McFee belong to the same nanny organization?

• Mary Poppins: Julie Andrews casting story, Oscar acceptance speech, very serious yet likable,

• Prequel possibilities: musical or no musical?, Mary and Bert’s backstory, will we see her on Once a Upon A Time?

• Bert: both narrator and characters, Dick Van Dyke, jack of all trades, his poor accent.

• Was there a romance between Mary and Bert?

• The Kids: little monsters, list of conditional love for their nanny.

• Mr. Banks: so extreme and over the top.

• Mrs. Banks: suffragette, absurd, never any scene where Mary Poppins and she speak.

• Originally had 37 songs written.

• Opening credits sequence, nannies blowing away, Admiral Boom is the worst neighbor ever.

Spoonful of Sugar: how do the kids have magic?

Jolly Holiday: penguins, farm animals, “there’ll be no bill”.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: real meaning of the word, does Julie Andrews mess up?, syllabic inversion.

• Uncle Albert and I Love to Laugh, Mary Poppins doesn’t even crack a smile.

Mary Poppins Broadway. Not on tour anymore.

• Morgan’s Make-A-Wish wish is to play a Mary Poppins medley in orchestra.

• Mary Poppins is an assassin.

• Blake and Mary Poppins’ layers.

Saving Mr. Banks: excited?, Oscar worthy?, Tom Hanks interpretation.

• Voicemails and emails.

• Mason meets Blake, caught and fired, gnawing at the bit.