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Morgan and Chelsea are joined by the biggest Peanuts fan around for a special double feature of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas.


• Guest host: Alissa Roy! Getting to know her and “Catch & Fire!”
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• News: 500 new Peanuts shorts, Paul Feig to direct the new CGI Peanuts film.
• Nerdy Couch Discussion: Alissa teaches us about the history of the Peanuts. Origins, story lines that made it into the movies, obscure characters, Snoopy’s family, iconic characters.
• Main Discussion #1: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
• It isn’t a Peanuts film without the kicking of the football.
• 60s thing to be a sheet ghost, embarrassing to have the same costume as your friends.
• It’s never a good thing when the cool kids suddenly invite you to the party (see: Monsters University).
• What’s with the Red Baron storyline?
• Who really is the Great Pumpkin? Is it real? The world will never know.
• Main Discussion #2: A Charlie Brown Christmas
• Chelsea finally tells the story of her fainting at the choir concert.
• Iconic opening, great songs, Morgan = Lucy.
• This short is notoriously known for being low budget and low quality, recording issues, voice recording problems.
• The iconic Christmas tree. How did it grow big?
• Chelsea refuses to rate them.
• Bloopers: Morgan’s computer is on fire, feels like we’ve known each other forever.