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Love it or hate it, the Rotoscopers discuss the history, making and drama behind the movie The Thief and the Cobbler.


• Mason wants to go back to school and Chelsea’s moved to Nashville!

• What is a masterpiece?

• Is it possible to be an artist and have money? Commercial successes and a tale about the woes of mismanagement.

• Academy Award winner for the animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

• Storytelling and storyboards. ‘Pose to Pose’ animation vs ‘Straight Ahead’ animation.

• Art Babbit and Ken Harris: legendary animation masters.

• Ah, the “animator’s wife.” This post is from a lady who calls herself an “EA widow.”

• Signed a deal in 1988 with Warner Bros for $25 Million for production and $25 million for promotions.

• Was Disney’s Aladdin a copy of The Thief and the Cobbler?

• Where’s the merchandise?

• Beware ‘The Completion Bond Company!’

• Richard Williams is said to be working on a super secret project. Want to be his assistant?

• What can we learn from this?

• Main Discussion: The Thief & the Cobbler (Miramax Version)

• Characters, animation, voice actors, songs, and favorite moments.

• The dessert, the War Machine, the Medieval Emperor Zurg.

• Jafar vs Zig Zag, 3D Roses.

• Mail bag!

• Bloopers: Mason learns about Chelsea, Mason’s going to be nerdishly positive from here on out.