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The fans voted and for this year’s annual Rotoscopers spook-tacular, they dive into the macabre world of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.


• News: Demi Lovato version of Let It Go from Frozen;

• Visit our friends over at Their facebook page is a great resource and has exploded over the past month.

• Catch and Fire with Morgan!

• Main discussion: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (2005)

• This is LAIKA? Really?

• Film shot entirely on the Canon Mark II DSLR camera. Wow.

• Explores the British social strata through the concept of Upstairs vs. Downstairs.

• Unique character designs; what’s with LAIKA and their busty, top-heavy women? Studio Jiggling, perhaps?

• Marriage to the corpse bride; do you ever care or root for Emily?

• What’s with Burton and his dead/skeleton dogs?

• Charming piano duet scene. Creates more of a bond between Emily and Victor.

• The dead come upstairs; chaos sort of ensues.

• Abrupt ending; significance of butterflies.

• We rate it!

• Voicemails: The Big 4, Meet the Robinsons comments.

• Bloopers