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Golden Globes for animation, and a teaser for this week…

Up and Avatar win at the Globes. And more to come this week!

Ice Age coverage, Chuck does Tom & Jerry, and more of Saturday Morning

It’s summertime, and a few of us have taken time off to attend to other matters, such as a wedding I just returned from. Ben will be letting us know what he’s been doing quite soon, and Rodney’s been tending to some DVD reviews which will be posted in the near future. The member of […]

The Art Of Up is simplexity itself!

Jeremie Noyer drops by again today to bring us his review of the new book The Art Of Up, apparently a fitting tribute to the wonderful Pixar film. As Jeremie writes, the images perfectly capture the “simplexity” of the production design in Up. Read his review to see what he means. After a flurry of […]

Review Roundup: Up flies high, plus Hanna-Barbera classics

We’ve had lots of fun reviews for you guys and gals this past week! Ben’s been too busy to brag them up, but I wanted to be sure to bring these items to your attention before the week ended. First up is Up, James’ review of Pixar’s latest theatrical feature. As usual for Pixar, there’s […]

New Year's Surprise — Peanuts treats!

A few weeks ago, we posted a number of reviews of DVDs featuring the Peanuts gang, but I had one more in the hopper that I’d been holding off on posting until we needed to fill some space during the holidays. I meant to post it earlier, but better late than never, especially since our […]

Reviews return, with the final season of The Batman

I guess it’s time to get back to work. It’s taken a while, but we’re finally getting things running closer to normal here at the site, following our exciting meeting at the San Diego Comic-Con. As much as we hoped you would all enjoy reading about our little adventure, I realize that it may seem […]

Osamu Tezuka and Astro Boy!!!

As we hit Comic-Con, catch up on fan-favorite Astro Boy in his many incarnations on DVD, plus a look at the comprehensive Astro Boy Essays book – all in anticipation of his return to screens in a new blockbuster movie out next summer!

DVD reviews: Two more from BCI, plus contest winners

This week we have two new reviews for you to enjoy, and they do seem appropriate to put together. First up, a single-disc edition of Bravestarr: The Movie, also known as Bravestarr: The Legend. This film did also show up last year on the impressive “Best Of Bravestarr” set, and in fact I did use […]

The Muppets return, with icons of the Seventies

We have one DVD review to close up the week, as I take a look at The Muppet Show: Season Three. If you pine for the 1970s, then you should get a kick out of this season, featuring as it does such icons as Sylvester Stallone, Raquel Welch, Jean Stapleton, and many more. The Muppet […]

A double dose of Sabrina

We have a nice surprise coming up for you at the end of the week, but in the meantime you can read two of our latest DVD reviews. I took a look at the recent release of Filmation’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch show from the early 1970s. The Archie spin-off contains much of the charm […]

Anything on DVD this week?

Rand laments the lack of exciting DVD releases this week.

Jerry's new book, and Warner's Blu announcement

Unfortunately, the slowness of holiday mail has meant that our latest supply of screeners is quite late, so the promised reviews are…still being promised! I did receive one wonderful surprise, though, on Christmas Eve. Insight Editions, publisher of an astounding array of fine books (including a couple of very cool Star Wars limited editions) was […]

Shrek The Weak reviewed, Enchanted leads box office

Ben’s away for a couple of days, and promises to see straighter when he returns from laser surgery. However, if you wish to see how he saw things before his peepers went under the light knife, be sure to read his latest reviews. He examined Ratatouille at the end of last week, where he did […]

Looking ahead to the long weekend

We’re just about at the Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. and Canada (well, it’s actually Labour Day in Canada), and I for one am looking forward to the days off of work. Why? Well, I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of writing DVD reviews for the ol’ site. […]


There’s just one new thing to report today, but it’s the one you’ve been waiting for: our review of the fantastic new Popeye The Sailor: Volume One DVD set! I tell you guys and gals, this one was worth the wait. The cartoon restoration is generally excellent, and the content is beyond reproach. We can […]

Ratatouille reviewed, catalog DVD reviews added

As promised, James dropped by on Monday with his review of Pixar’s latest brilliance Ratatouille. James could have put us on the map by disagreeing with the majority of film critics, but no… rather than being brave here it looks like he loved it as much as everyone else. See his review to see why […]

Ratatouille arrives, and Jason review lands

Pixar’s latest, Ratatouille, debuted in theaters over the weekend, with an estimated take of 47.2 million dollars. It may not be a massive opening, but it was sufficient enough to push Bruce Willis’ new Die Hard flick down into second position for the weekend, and it was over 20 million dollars ahead of Meet The […]

Pooh review, big things happening at Views

Pooh review, plus site updates a’coming…!

New interview, Robinsons promising for Disney, more Treasures, Popeye is coming

Meet The Robinsons reviewed, plus more Treasures and authentic Popeye coming to DVD!

Greg P. talks about John K.; more Filmation cartoons coming

Batman and Superman shows announced from Filmation on DVD!

Chicken Little comes to BluRay

Disney’s Chick-Lit goes Hi-Def!

Cinderella III sells, and reviews catch-up

Cinderalla III sells strongly, plus site updates and review catch-ups including Robin Hood: Most Wanted Edition.