This week we have two new reviews for you to enjoy, and they do seem appropriate to put together. First up, a single-disc edition of Bravestarr: The Movie, also known as Bravestarr: The Legend. This film did also show up last year on the impressive “Best Of Bravestarr” set, and in fact I did use much of the text of that review over again for the new review; but the fact remains that this film presents the best of what Filmation was capable of. It’s just too bad that the financial failure of the whole Bravestarr project was largely responsible for the end of the studio (even if other factors really made it just a matter of time). I have to recommend the “Best Of” set over the single-disc affair, but either one is worth a look. Meanwhile, we revisit some characters that made Filmation more famous than ever in the 1980s. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Volume Two actually involves the 2002 version of the show, basically a reboot of the Filmation series. The newer show certainly offers some of the best toy tie-in action you could hope for, but I have to admit it’s not a genre that holds much appeal to me personally. Still, BCI does a fine job putting out a package sure to please fans.

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