Hello, folks! Josh has provided us with a neat interview today, with Raketu CEO Greg Parker. What is Raketu? Good question. Parker explains it a bit, and talks about why he hired John Kricfalusi to use the animation medium to get the message across. John K. may have as many detractors as he has fans, but there’s no doubting he is a unique talent with a unique voice, and we need diversity in animation these days!

Have you seen the news about the Filmation Superman and Batman cartoons coming to DVD from Warner? Ha! At last! While they can’t measure up to the Timm versions’ level of sophistication, these are the types of cartoons that I grew up loving, fostering my love of heroes and comics. I can’t wait to review these this summer. Same goes for the Space Ghost and Birdman sets, though their official announcements are still pending. With Warner covering these old superhero shows so well this year, I’m feeling like most of my DVD needs are now being met. Maybe then I can retire from review writing and find the time to actually watch that backlog of great discs piling up. Well, probably not. There are still plenty of older and newer shows yet to be released, and I’ll always be looking forward to seeing what will be next.