We have one DVD review to close up the week, as I take a look at The Muppet Show: Season Three. If you pine for the 1970s, then you should get a kick out of this season, featuring as it does such icons as Sylvester Stallone, Raquel Welch, Jean Stapleton, and many more. The Muppet Show had a well-established vibe by this time, and there isn’t a dud in this bunch of 24 shows. The bonuses are probably the best yet seen for this series on DVD, mainly thanks to an amazing relic— a one-hour public television show hosted by Jim Henson that predated even Sesame Street! I treasure this set just for this bonus alone, but the Muppet Show episodes are really, really good too!

I’m waiting on some discs to come in, but hope to have more reviews up over the next week, maybe even over the weekend. Sadly, no one offered me the new Fantastic Four or Boondocks sets which streeted this week, but I’ll likely purchase them anyways, and there are always other titles to look at. Ben has more reviews up his sleeve too, but he’s swamped with other projects for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, try to get to the cinema this weekend to catch The Incredible Hulk, which is currently scoring a “72” on the Tomatometer! Then remember that another classic Popeye set comes out next week, as well as two more Disney movie re-releases, all of which we shall be reviewing ASAP. More interviews to come too!!

So stay tooned, and have a great weekend! –Rand.