I just wanted to put up a quick blurb this morning to point out that James has posted a look at Disney’s first fully animated film to make it to high definition disc, over at our Toon Review section. Chicken Little is far from Disney’s best work, but as a completely CGI film, it does offer an eye-popping presentation in high def. I’m not convinced that the traditionally animated films will look appreciably better in high def (at least the ones that had good DVD transfers to begin with), but have to admit that this might force me to take another look at Chicken Little, a film I was quite underwhelmed by when I saw it in theaters. Read James’ piece and see if he convinces you to check it out on BluRay.

I initially went HD DVD due largely to the cost factor (as well as some movies I wanted from Universal), but I do fully expect to have a BluRay player by year’s end, once prices come down. And speaking of high definition, I just changed over to a new television provider this week. Who is it? My phone company. Is that wild, or what! High def TV, Internet, and phone service, all coming from one little cable. Their high def looks terrific, and I can even surf the Web on my TV. Some of this may be old news to other early adopters, but I’m still thrilled with the novelty of it all. These are pretty neat times for us tech heads!