Pixar’s latest, Ratatouille, debuted in theaters over the weekend, with an estimated take of 47.2 million dollars. It may not be a massive opening, but it was sufficient enough to push Bruce Willis’ new Die Hard flick down into second position for the weekend, and it was over 20 million dollars ahead of Meet The Robinsons‘ opening weekend. With reviews for Brad Bird’s Pixar film being very good overall, Ratatouille may prove to have (furry) legs over the summer. Our own man James saw Ratatouille on the weekend and will be by later today with his own take on the movie. Speaking of reviews, I have been working on my own backlog of reviews, and have now posted one for Jason Of Star Command: The Complete Series. Before you wiseacres point out that this was a live action series, allow me to point out that there were several stop-motion animated sequences done for the show concerning alien monsters. Besides, this is a classic Saturday morning series from Filmation that we are sure will be of interest to our readers, many of whom no doubt grew up on the cartoon show Tarzan And The Super 7, where Jason originally appeared. Later on today, I’ll be putting up some catalog reviews as well, and working on a few other surprises for this month. There are lots of reviews to prep, and I’ll be providing a couple of features to tie into upcoming DVD releases, so stay tooned!