As promised, James dropped by on Monday with his review of Pixar’s latest brilliance Ratatouille. James could have put us on the map by disagreeing with the majority of film critics, but no… rather than being brave here it looks like he loved it as much as everyone else. See his review to see why this particular cartoon nut feels that it’s one of the best animated films ever. As well, for those of you in a retro mood, I got all eclectic today and posted a quartet of older reviews. There is something here for every taste I think, but if not, maybe it’s time you tasted something new. After all, here at Animated Views we feel it’s part of our job to report not only on what’s hot, but to expose our readers to great stuff they might not have otherwise sought out. Actually, I think three of these are great, and one’s a dud. Many of you will likely agree, but your choice of dud might be different than mine.

The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit – the original featurettes have had three DVD releases, but this one puts the others to shame; worth seeking out
Space Jam: 2-Disc Special Edition – one of your better arguments against animation as commerce, but this is the edition to get if you like the movie
Metropolis – a visually stunning piece of anime from the creators behind Astro Boy and Akira
Thunderbirds International Rescue Edition Giftset – F.A.B.-ulous collection of the the two 1960s movies based on the Supermarionation TV show

We’ll have more for you later in the week, including… the return of Ben!!!