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Hanna And Barbera: Conversations

They lost their jobs after winning several Oscars at MGM, then went on to become the kings of Saturday morning, before their life work helped to jumpstart Cartoon Network. This collection of interviews and articles covers the whole history of what was once the biggest cartoon studio in the world.

Flip The Frog: The Complete Series

Thunderbean’s greatest achievement is here, as Steve Stanchfield and his team bring Ub Iwerks’ 1930s creation to high definition disc, with all shorts lovingly restored and accompanied by scads of quality bonus features.

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3

With 21 stop-motion puppet films and seven hand-drawn animated shorts, this third volume of George Pal’s classic cartoons is overflowing with creativity, fun, and simply amazing artistry!

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 now available for preorder

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 Blu-ray Limited Edition is a third landmark collection of 28 more spectacular George Pal Academy Award-winning stop-motion and hand-drawn animated shorts, totaling some five hours of content. Each cartoon has been restored from its original Technicolor negative. Fans will enjoy the return of Punchy & Judy, Jim Dandy, Rusty, Dr. […]

Apple’s The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse wins BAFTA Film Award for Best British Short Animation

PRESS RELEASE Apple Original Films Academy Award nominee The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse wins BAFTA Film Award for Best British Short Animation The deeply moving film, rendered in exquisite hand-drawn animation, celebrates the power of our shared humanity Apple Original Films Academy Award nominee The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and […]

Popeye The Sailor: The 1960s TV Cartoons

See why one of the most popular cartoon TV shows in history had such variable quality, in this informative and insightful book from Popeye expert Fred M. Grandinetti.

My Dad The Bounty Hunter trailer

The new Netflix offering debuts on February 9!

Apple TV+ unveils trailer for animated short film The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse ahead of December 25 debut

Based on the beloved best-selling book by Charlie Mackesy, the short film features the voice talents of Idris Elba, Gabriel Byrne, Tom Hollander and newcomer Jude Coward Nicoll.

Puppetoon Movie Volume 2 now available for a reduced price at Amazon.com and Puppetoon.net

The acclaimed second volume of restored Technicolor George Pal Oscar-winning Puppetoons are available now at reduced prices on both Amazon and Puppetoon.net. Perfect for holiday gift-giving, this high-definition Blu-ray and DVD combo contains some of the most miraculous stop-motion animated shorts ever produced. Copies are available for immediate shipment – shipping is free within the […]

Star Trek – Lower Decks: Season 1

Really, this is a Star Trek show! The missions are real, but seen through a comedy lens. The writing is sharp, the performances are great, and Trek fans can enjoy some genuine character comedy without being subjected to camp.

Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 fundraiser launches

Coming soon after the acclaimed release of The Puppetoon Movie: Volume 2, producer Arnold Leibovit has set up his crowdfunding page for the next volume. This is not a typical pre-order, but rather an opportunity to contribute directly to support the restoration of the films and help to preserve the legacy of George Pal. Donors […]

The Puppetoon Movie: Volume 2

Featuring brilliant restoration work, this new compilation of classic George Pal stop-motion shorts astounds the viewer with its animation, music, and color. Also included are rare European films, including ones with hand-drawn animation.

Warning From Space

Arrow Video brings out the Japanese classic, allowing a reappraisal after years of low-quality TV broadcasts and public domain DVDs. It’s good, too, once you get past the silly-looking starfish aliens.

Arnold Leibovit on producing The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2

This exclusive interview touches on George Pal’s contribution to popular culture, and Leibovit’s own efforts to preserve that legacy, including his current campaign to restore more Puppetoons.

Star Wars – Rebels: Complete Season Four

Lucasfilm’s TV show brings pain to our heroes, who constantly have to turn losses into wins. The final season provides both tears and cheers in the best Star Wars tradition.

Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Studio Ghibli fans will be happy that sort-of successor Studio Ponoc has made a beautiful debut film. The tale of a girl who finds herself a witch may be familiar on the surface, but the seeds of future greatness are obvious.

The Breadwinner

This Oscar-nominated film tells of a young Afgan girl who disguises herself as a boy to support her family, after her father is arrested by the Taliban, in an eye-opening story that sees oppression fought with courage and love.

Justice League Action – Superpowers Unite: Season One, Part One

The World’s Greatest Superheroes battle the forces of evil in colorful bite-sized stories that are perfect for younger kids and their parents.

Star Wars – Rebels: Complete Season Three

The crew of the Ghost face off against Grand Admiral Thrawn as the penultimate season of Rebels sees the Alliance fully formed and the story inches towards A New Hope.

Adventure Time: The Complete Seventh Season

Continuing its creative storytelling and ambitious world-building, this show doesn’t lose any of its spark, also experimenting with its first miniseries: Marceline-centric Stakes.

The Red Turtle

The award-winning Studio Ghibli film, that actually is a European production, has characters that never speak, but the film has plenty to say.

Miss Hokusai

This tale of famous Japanese artists – a man and his daughter – is told using Buddhist ideas of life’s simple pleasures, rather than trying to fit a Western-style genre. Its rewards are subtle and may be unexpected.

Adventure Time: Islands

The event mini-series fulfills its promise of revealing the answers to a few of the hit series’ greatest mysteries, as Finn, Jake, and Susan Stong sail off on a journey to find more humans and the secrets to their pasts.

Lego Star Wars – The Freemaker Adventures: Complete Season One

This slick and exciting Lucasfilm show earns a surprising amount of credit for crafting a credible Star Wars story, even if it is told in a humorous fashion.

The Venture Bros.: The Complete Sixth Season

The Ventures relocate to NYC, The Monarch takes on a bold new identity as his wife also takes a new job, and this very funny show finds its best rhythm yet.

Adventure Time: The Complete Sixth Season

Finn finds his newly found father to be a crushing disappointment, Gunter gets an origin, and lots of crazy stuff happens in the latest run of Cartoon Network’s insane hit.

Star Wars – Rebels: Complete Season Two

All the excitement of Star Wars is present in Rebels, with solid specs and the addition of great bonus features in this second season set.

April And The Extraordinary World

GKids gives us yet another slick international feature, this time an exciting steampunk adventure that utilizes the conceptual skills of cartoonist Jacques Tardi.

Only Yesterday

A young woman from Tokyo reflects back to her life at age ten, leading to a re-evaluation of who she is now. The final theatrical Studio Ghibli film to make it to disc in North America is now here.