The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 Blu-ray Limited Edition is a third landmark collection of 28 more spectacular George Pal Academy Award-winning stop-motion and hand-drawn animated shorts, totaling some five hours of content. Each cartoon has been restored from its original Technicolor negative. Fans will enjoy the return of Punchy & Judy, Jim Dandy, Rusty, Dr. Seuss, Jan and Janette, Mr. Strauss, Jasper, and the Screwball Army; plus the first Puppetoon key animation work from legendary animator Ray Harryhausen.

Long before Pal ignited audiences’ imaginations with feature film classics like The Time Machine (1960) and The War Of The Worlds (1953), he made Puppetoons! These brilliantly conceived animated subjects astounded the world. Now these marvels, not seen in decades, are back in high definition and restored to be more beautiful than ever.

Moviegoers were stunned in 1987 when producer-director Arnold Leibovit reintroduced Pal’s Technicolor Puppetoons to a new generation with his loving tribute The Puppetoon Movie, hosted by Gumby and Pokey. This presentation of Puppetoons not seen in years was both an animation event and a much-deserved tribute honoring the legacy of their creator, sci-fi and fantasy pioneer George Pal. The feature compiled a number of Puppetoons that Pal created in the 1930s and 1940s.

When The Puppetoon Movie was restored in high definition for Blu-ray in 2013, it was met with enthusiasm. Excitement grew when a second volume of restored Puppetoons came to Blu-ray in 2020 with The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2, which received wide acclaim. Many were thrilled to learn that yet a third volume was in the works. Now, after nearly four years of meticulous restoration, The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 has at last arrived.
Included are six restored Successive Exposure Negative (SEN) Puppetoons: Western Daze (1940, the first for Paramount Pictures), Bravo Mr. Strauss (1943, where The Screwball Army returns), The Truck That Flew (1943, introducing the memorable melody Moonlight Holiday), Together In The Weather (1946, stars Punchy & Judy, who were designed by Walt Disney animator Fred Moore), Hotlip Jasper (1945, featuring trumpet virtuoso Raphael Mendez) and Jasper’s Derby (1946, scored to the classic Gypsy Airs).

Seven Paramount SEN preservation prints return from Volume 1, but this time in even higher resolution with vastly improved restorations. Included are four of the seven Academy Award-nominated Puppetoons for Best Animated Short Subject: Dr. Seuss’s The 500 Hats Of Bartholomew Cubbins (1943), Dr. Seuss’s And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street (1944), Rhythm In The Ranks (1941) and Jasper And The Beanstalk (1945); plus Date With Duke (1947, Duke Ellington), Rhapsody In Wood (1947, Woody Herman) and The Sky Princess (1941). Also added are hand-drawn animated discoveries from Europe: The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe (1940), The Queen Was In The Parlour (1939), The Good Bear And The Bad Bear (1940) and A Fairy Tale About A Melancholic King (1934).

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 contains one milestone Puppetoon after another, thanks to the cooperation of Paramount Pictures, The Library of Congress, The British Film Institute, UCLA Film & Television Archive, The Eye Filmmuseum, The Philips Company, GlaxoSmithKline, J Walter Thompson, ASIFA Hollywood, The National Film Archive Czech Republic, Bio Vakan0eoord, and others.

So, journey back to a time of magic and wonder and experience once again George Pal’s one-of-a-kind Puppetoons!

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3
is coming from September 1, 2023!
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Western Daze (1940)
The Ballet Of Red Radio Valves (1938)
Bravo Mr. Strauss (1943)
Hotlip Jasper (1945)
Together In The Weather (1946)
Jasper’s Music Lesson (1943)
Rhythm In The Ranks (1941)
The 500 Hats Of Bartholomew Cubbins (1943)
The Truck That Flew (1943)
Date With Duke (1947)
On Parade (1936)
The Tool Box (1970)
Jasper And The Beanstalk (1945)
My Man Jasper (1945)
The Sky Princess (1941)
Jasper’s Boobytraps (1945)
Rhapsody In Wood (1947)
Jasper’s Derby (1946)
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp (1939)
And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street (1944)
Shoe Shine Jasper (1947)

Cel Animated

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe (1940)
The Queen Was In The Parlour (1939)
The Good Bear And The Bad Bear (1940)
A Fairy Tale About A Melancholic King (1934)
Charlie’s World Cruise (1936)
Friend In Need (1940)
World’s Greatest Show (1935)


Sweet Pacific (1947)
Previously Unreleased George Pal Interview (1970)
The Fantasy Film Worlds Of George Pal (1985) Expanded Interviews: Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Gene Roddenberry, Roy E. Disney, Joe Dante, Russ Tamblyn, Wah Chang, Duke Goldstone, Bob Baker
Full Production and Donor Credits
Includes 20-Panel Color Booklet, Liner Notes by Arnold Leibovit

Featured Characters: Punchy & Judy, Jim Dandy, Rusty, Dr. Seuss, Jan and JaneMe, Mr. Strauss, Jasper, The Screwball Army
Directors: George Pal, Arnold Leibovit

Puppetoon Animators and Artists: George Pal, Ray Harryhausen, Willis O’Brien, Wah Ming Chang, Gene Warren Sr., Duke Goldstone, Bob Baker, Fred Moore, Erwin Broner, George E. Jordan, Reginald Massie, John S. Abbott, Herb Johnson, Willard Oberlin, Dale Tholen, Miles Pike, Blanding Sloane, Stuart O’Brien, Isador Jimmy Stone

Voice Actors: Mel Blanc, Victory Jory, Thurl Ravenscroft Pat McGeehan, Billy Bletcher, Rex Ingram, Robert C. Bruce, Byron Kane, Glenn Leedy, Sara Berner, Roy Glenn, Alvin Childress, Eloise Rawitzer, Lillian Randolph, Malcom McEachern, Sam Browne, Ruby Dandridge, Evelyn Dall, Sam Edwards, Walter Tetley

Musical Talent: Peggy Lee, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Andre Kostelanetz, David Raksin, Rafael Mendez, Raymond Scott, William Eddison Von Ottenfeld, Arling Martyn, Maurice De Packh, Del Porter, Clarence Wheeler, Thurston Knudson, Debroy Somers, Hugo De Groot, Joe Hajos, Bela Radics, The Lajos Kiss and Jack Hylton Orchestras.

Blu-ray Technical Specification

Digital Video: 1080p High-Definition; Original Aspect Ratio 1.37:1
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono Bit Rate: 25 Mbps
Subtitles: 3 Short Subjects Optional English
Run Time: 282 minutes
Technicolor/Gasparcolor/Black & White
Disc Configuration: BD Dual Layer Region 0: All (Region-free). Not Rated
Studio: Arnold Leibovit Entertainment/Puppetoon Productions
UPC: 051497249144
Package Dimension: 0.7 x 6.3 x 5.4 inches, 4.0 Ounces
Street date: September 1 2023

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