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Director Kevin Munroe revisits Imagi’s TMNT franchise

With the Ninja Turtles back in theaters, Munroe remembers their computer animated film, TMNT, and the epic trilogy that never happened due to studio troubles.

Buried Treasure: The ill-fated voyage to Treasure Planet 2

Director Jun Falkenstein maps out the story and artwork for the canceled Treasure Planet 2, in which Jim Hawkins and Silver would have taken on the villainous Ironbeard.

Is there Room On The Broom for the Best Animated Short Oscar?

Directors Max Lang and Jan Lachauer revisit the making of Room On The Broom, as the short flies into awards season already with Annie and BAFTA recognition.

O Brother Bear, Where Art Thou?: Why Disney Channel turned down Brother Bear: The Series

With Brother Bear hitting its 10th anniversary, director Pete Michels and writer Bart Jennett recall making the ultimately-rejected pilot for its TV series spinoff.

Director Jimmy Hayward talks turkey about Free Birds

Hayward takes Animated Views behind-the-scenes of Reel FX’s first animated feature, from its conception as Turkeys to the casting of Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson.

Mike Disa and The Seven Dwarfs: How the Snow White prequel became a Dopey movie

In an AV Exclusive, Director Disa recalls why DisneyToons cancelled plans to give Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Bashful and Sleepy their own CG-animated franchise.

Free Birds creators explain why Reel FX’s first theatrical feature is no turkey

Director Jimmy Hayward and Reel FX President of Animation Aron Warner offer an exclusive sneak preview of Free Birds, coming to theaters in November.

From Snow Queen to Pinocchio II: Robert Reece’s animated adventures in screenwriting

Reece recalls his journey thus far as a screenwriter, having co-penned Disney projects Tin Man of Oz, The Emperor’s Nightingale and Dumbo II.

Director Bergeron, actress Paradis talk A Monster in Paris

Director Bibo Bergeron and actress Vanessa Paradis share insight into their critically-acclaimed French hit A Monster in Paris, now available to own on Blu-ray.

Superman Classic creator Robb Pratt unveils Flash Gordon Classic

In an Animated Views exclusive, Robb Pratt talks Planes, sequels to his visionary Superman fan film – and gives us a sneak peek at Flash Gordon Classic!

Rise of the Guardians director Peter Ramsey assembles the Guardians of Childhood

Ramsey talks Guardians’ direction, box office and odds on a sequel, also reflecting on making history as the first African-American to helm a major CGI feature.

Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco introduce The Croods

In our AV Exclusive, Sanders and DeMicco reveal the evolution of DreamWorks’ The Croods, from its earliest conception as the John Cleese-scripted Crood Awakening to the finished, critically-acclaimed film!

Artist Bob Camp recalls the ill-fated Space Jam 2

Storyboard artist Bob Camp recalls how the Looney Tunes and NBA superstar Michael Jordan almost re-teamed for another out-of-this-world game of basketball, against the villainous Berserk-O!

Director Barry Cook remembers the Peoples of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida

Barry Cook recalls how WDFA-F was to bridge the transition from traditional to CG animation with My Peoples, only to find the project canceled and the studio shut down.

William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg read The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore!

William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg reflect on how Hurricane Katrina and the passing of friend William Morris inspired their recent Oscar-winning short.

Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir on the Rise and Fall of Disney’s Circle 7 Animation

Screenwriting duo Bob and Rob recall Disney’s defunct Circle 7 Animation, where they wrote canceled sequels in the Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. franchises.

Director Gore Verbinski wrangles up Rango!

Gore Verbinski shares his unique process for directing the awards season favorite Rango, the first animated feature from visual effects powerhouse Industrial Light and Magic.

Animation supervisor Jamie Beard captures The Aventures of Tintin!

Weta Digital’s Jamie Beard offers an inside look at the performance capture process for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, from director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson.

Mars Needs Moms, but Earth needs Director Simon Wells!

As the final venture from Robert Zemeckis and Disney’s ImageMovers hits Blu-ray, Josh Armstrong speaks with Mars Needs Moms’ director Simon Wells about his film’s creation and reception.

Winnie The Pooh’s Directors Stephen Anderson and Don Hall: Back to the Hundred Acre Wood

Josh Armstrong pops inside the storybook to meet the directors of Disney’s return to the world of Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh!

Cartoons Then and Now: Jerry Beck talks Woody, Popeye and More!

Animated Views talks to animation historian Jerry Beck on his many projects, including the recent releases of classic Woody Woodpecker and Popeye The Sailor cartoons on DVD!

Phil Nibbelink talks Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss

Phil Nibbelink discusses the traditionally animated Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss, which he single-handedly wrote, directed and animated.

Mike Scully on The Simpsons Movie

Mike Scully comments on his time as writer and producer for The Simpsons Movie, while also referring to his work with the Simpsons television series.

Mark Smith talks Art of Flash

Mark Smith talks about his latest book, The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning, while also reminiscing about his career thus far.

Directors Buck and Brannon on Surf’s Up

Chris Buck and Ash Brannon chat about their latest directorial venture, Sony Pictures Animation’s Surf’s Up.

Directors Miller and Hui on Shrek the Third

Animated Views talks to directors Chris Miller and Raman Hui about their collaboration on DreamWorks’ latest Shrek outing, The Third

Director Kevin Munroe on TMNT

Animated Views talks with Kevin Munroe, the director of TMNT, about the Turtles’ highly anticipated return to the big screen.

Kellyann Lamb, Scott Gagner on A World of Barriers

Animated Views speaks with Kellyann Lamb and Scott Gagner of Visual Resource, regarding their promotional video A World of Barriers for Adobe.

Raketu CEO Greg Parker on John K. collaboration

Animated Views talks to Greg Parker, CEO and Founder of Raketu Communications, Inc., about his company’s marketing collaboration with Ren & Stimpy creator, John Kricfalusi.

Beaumont and Kerry: Peter Pan‘s Leading Ladies

Animated Views talks to two very important ladies in Peter Pan‘s life: Wendy vocalist Kathryn Beaumont and live-action Tinker Bell model Margaret Kerry.