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The Addams Family: The Complete Series

The 1973 animated version of these creepy characters came out at a time when Hanna-Barbera wasn’t doing its best work; but there’s still a real charm to this kooky clan.

He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

He-Man and She-Ra commemorate Christmas for the first time when two children from Earth accidentally end up on Eternia on this release of the 80s animated Christmas special.

Have A Laugh! Volumes 1 and 2

While the cartoon selection isn’t always great, and the remixing and “Blamming” of footage pointless, the real treasure here are the pristine restorations of some real classics, including Goofy’s latest!

The Essential Bugs Bunny

Bugs’ 70th anniversary is (un)marked with this so-so collection of previously released shorts and new to DVD television specials, though the added featurette is certainly not a reason to buy again.

She-Ra: Princess of Power – Season 1, Volume 1

With the magical Sword of Protection, Adora invokes the grace of Castle Greyskull and becomes She-Ra, Princess of Power! Now she’s back on DVD.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: Season One, Volume Four

Four classic episodes and one episode from a newer version are featured in this budget-priced compilation. You can’t go wrong with an alien astronaut ghost, pirates, and a zombie!

Thundarr The Barbarian: The Complete Series

Warner Archive does fans a huge favor by putting out this 1980 gem of a show from Ruby-Spears, which featured contributions by comic book legends Steve Gerber, Alex Toth, and Jack Kirby.

Bugs Bunny’s Howl-Oween Special

The 1970s Looney Tunes compilation specials are always nostalgic fun, but Warners need to pack more quantity and quality on these releases to make them good value.

He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown: Remastered Deluxe Edition

Snoopy is sent to obedience school, but ends up with Peppermnt Patty in this special’s second DVD in just over a year. The bonus is good too, but this double-dip’s best part is the extra on Charles Schulz’s ice arena.

Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare

Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Mystery, Inc. gang go to Camp Little Moose to relive Freddy’s old camp stories and end up in the middle of a mystery involving a a scary campfire ghost.

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Tom and Jerry meet up with the legendary Sherlock Homes to solve a mystery involving a series of jewelry heists in London.

The Black Cauldron: 25th Anniversary Edition

Disney’s dark fantasy looks as bright as it ever could do on this standard definition disc, which presents a spotless new transfer and fascinating deleted scene, but not much else. It’ll look great on Blu-ray…

The Pirates of Dark Water: The Complete Series

Ren and a team of adventurers battle against pirates, dark water, and monsters in order to find the thirteen treasures of Rule necessary to rid the world of Mer from the threat of Dark Water.

Batman – The Brave And The Bold: Season One, Part One

After years of living in the shadows as a dark vigilante, Batman enjoys being a superhero again, joined by a league of friends in a show that celebrates the imagination of comic books – a ton of fun.

G.I. Joe: The Movie – Special Edition

Cobra and G.I. Joe meet up in the ultimate showdown when Cobra and their new allies from Cobra-La join forces to steal the Broadcast Energy Transmitter and conquer the Earth.

Super Hero Squad Show: Volume One

The Super Hero Squad defends Super Hero City from attacks by Doctor Doom and his henchman who are searching for the powerful Infinity Sword.

Super Friends: Season One, Volume Two

The balance of the first season’s episodes are included on this 2-disc set. Fans know what to expect here, with the only question being: just how many times can Wendy and Marvin get kidnapped in eight episodes?

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo: The Complete Series

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo joins the rest of the Scooby-Doo series on DVD complete with all 13 original episodes from one of the least popular versions of the show.

Tom & Jerry: Deluxe Anniversary Collection

An enticing prospect, this career retrospective is ruined by poor presentation and, seven Oscar winners aside, weak and random cartoon choices, barely saved by one lone decent supplement.

X-Men: The Animated Series – Volume 5

X-Men: The Animated Series is finally complete with this two disc set making up the show’s final season.

Peanuts 1970’s Collection: Vol. 2

The biggest classics may have gone before, but this selection of specials is still quintessential Peanuts, with only one weak one in the batch. And check out that remastered video!

Iron Man – Armored Adventures: The Complete Season One

The show is quite enjoyable, but it really should be called Iron Boy. The lack of widescreen video or any decent extras are other knocks against what is otherwise a nice set of 26 episodes.

Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1980s: Volume 1

Eleven Saturday Morning cartoons from the 1980s are combined in this two disc set featuring some of the many shows produced by Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears during the decade.

Iron Man: The Complete 1994 Animated Television Series

This version stays reasonably true to the comics, but fails to reach the heights of its contemporaries. Season Two improves with better stories and animation, but weak video and a lack of extras hurt this DVD release.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

There’s a good story outline in here somewhere, but being totally uncensored did this direct-to-video title no favors.

Tom and Jerry Tales: The Complete First Season

The complete first season of the 2006 series, Tom and Jerry Tales, finally makes its way on DVD in this two-disc set.

The Great Mouse Detective: Mystery In The Mist Edition

Disney’s “greatest little mystery in history” is given the short thrift, with a decent new transfer wasted on a pointless disc that just can’t really be recommended.

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey

Those who liked the first Curious George movie should be more than curious about the little mischievous monkey’s second feature length outing, even if it’s just a bit of fluffy, non-groundbreaking fun.

The First Easter Rabbit: Deluxe Edition

Rankin/Bass move away from the stop-motion that made their name for this sometimes strange hand-animated origin of the Easter Bunny, but the results are rather crude and Warners’ disc is missing the “deluxe” element of the cover’s banner.

Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies

Friz Freleng’s 1977 television special pulls together some classic Looney Tunes cartoons with new animated sequences and, though the splicing is easily seen, it’s an entertaining enough hour.