Month: October 2004

A Fond Look Back At Filmation: Part 1

This studio is finally getting its due on DVD, so it’s a great time to look back at its classic line-up. In Part One of this survey, we look at the studio’s origins in the 1960’s and go up to the highs and lows of 1975.

And on a festive note…

Have an Incredible Hallowe’en, loyal A-N readers!

Save Disney at Halloween

Just a quick mention that if you’re looking for some more Halloween goodness on the web, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold’s Save Disney site has a Halloween theme at the moment and links to several interesting articles about the Haunted Mansion, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and more.

Watch Daffy Duck for President online

Before the Looney Tunes Golden Collection – Vol. 2 DVD comes out in stores on Tuesday, one can see one of its bonus features, the highly anticipated new short Daffy Duck for President, now at Yahoo! Movies. Thanks to Dan “Atomic” Fox for pointing this out.

More original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in '05?

DVD Toons reports a curt message they received about the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series from Lion’s Gate recently, after having sent an inquiry on what to expect for upcoming DVDs; “As for TMNT, expect to see another DVD Spring 2005.” Obviously no other specs are known at this point, but it’s good […]

Ultimate Disney's early review of The Incredibles

Ultimate Disney’s webmaster was lucky enough to attend an early screening of The Incredibles, and has posted his first impressions of the film, as well as the forerunning Cars teaser and Boundin’ short, in this (very positive) early review.

Revolution & Anderson Are Fantastic

Variety is reporting that Wes Anderson (Rushmore) and Revolution Studios will turn Roald Dahl’s book The Fantastic Mr. Fox into a stop-motion film. The book tells the story of a fox who finds him and his family targeted for death by three farmers who are tired of sharing their chickens with the critter. Anderson will […]

Michel Gagné brings us the Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppet Show!

Renowned artist and special effects animator Michel Gagné has just announced on his site that a new series of 10 two-minute animated shorts is in the works. Dubbed the Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppet Show, Gagné plans to bring the shorts to life using “a combination of softwares such as Flash, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya as […]

Kidman Gets Flushed Away

Coming Soon is reporting that Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge) is in talks to provide her voice in the upcoming Aardman Animation/DreamWorks claymation comedy Flushed Away. If she accepts the role, Kidman would play “a street-smart sewer rat named Rita”. Flushed Away is about an upper-class British rat named Roddy (Hugh Jackman) who gets flushed down […]

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume Two

The Looneys are back in another stellar collection of their finest animated cartoon works!

Scene Progression from Incredibles

The AOL/Moviefone website has a little feature that shows the progression of one scene from The Incredibles from pen and paper concept art to a completed computer-generated image.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 review!

While the extras lack the wow factor of those packed in with last year’s first volume of Looney Tunes cartoons, Volume 2 could be even better overall thanks to the inclusion of some bona fide all-time classics, sums up {{link DVD Toons in their review}}, the first to appear online for the set out […]

AICN reviews The Incredibles and The Polar Express…

Ain’t It Cool News has received even more ecstatic reviews of the highly anticipated new Pixar film, The Incredibles. Included amongst the 4 opinions is a description of the teaser for Pixar’s next film Cars, coming in November of 2005. On a similar note, the site’s own Capone has an overall fairly positive review of […]

The Incredibles production notes excerpt: Part II

Next up in our series of excerpts from the production notes for Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles is a segment that tells about the genesis of the story, Brad Bird’s story pitch to Pixar creative VP John Lasseter, and a glimpse at the technologically groundreaking aspects of the production of the film.

Disney, Chabon retelling Snow

The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article about the possibility of a live-action martial arts film based on Snow White, with a script by Michael Chabon. As they summarize it, “Snow and the Seven will be set in 1880s British colonial China and will have fantasy and martial arts elements, with the ‘seven’ being Shaolin […]

Mary Poppins bonus features screenshots…

Ultimate Disney has compiled 13 stills of bonus features from the upcoming 40th Anniversary Edition of Mary Poppins, arriving in stores December 14th. Featured are photos from the original Gala World Premier, as well as concept art from the deleted song “Chimpanzoo”.

Pics of the Wonka factory hit the net…

Ain’t It Cool News has several sneaked images of the upcoming Tim Burton take on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, including a peek at Willy Wonka’s factory set and the Wonka delivery trucks, as well as a set for what is speculated to be Charlie’s rundown neighborhood. Charlie‘s expected to hit theatres next […]

Studio Ghibli Region 1 DVD release updates…

Bad news, and potential good news concerning the Region 1 (U.S. and Canada) releases for several Studio Ghibli films, a good handful of which are classic Hayao Miyazaki titles. The bad news is Buena Vista seems to have mysteriously moved back the much-anticipated 3-film Miyazaki wave (consisting of My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, and Nausicaä […]

Iron Giant Reunion

Mark your calendars and let’s see how many people we can stuff into the comic store. On November 20, Golden Apple Comics (link via Toon Zone) is hosting an Iron Giant reunion with over two dozen members of the crew present with a Q&A session hosted by Jerry Beck of Cartoon Research and Cartoon Brew. […]

Halloween comes late this year: New Simpsons season begins with Halloween episode

Animation World Network reports that long-running television series The Simpsons is set to return for its sixteenth season with its fifteenth Treehouse of Horror episode (the first season of The Simpsons did not have a Treehouse of Horror episode due to starting in December and beginning with a Christmas episode as the series pilot) on […]

Snow White and the Seven Shaolin Monks?

VFX World reports that Walt Disney Pictures is in pre-production on a live-action, martial arts-based retelling of the Grimm Brothers fairy tale to be set in late nineteenth century China.

Schoolhouse Rock to rock again

For those of us who miss the animated and educational shorts of yesteryear, Animation Insider reports that Schoolhouse Rock will be returning to television November 1 on Toon Disney.

The Incredibles production notes excerpt: Part I – Intro

Starting today and going until Thursday of next week we will be presenting excerpts from the production notes for The Incredibles.

Racing Stripes website now online

The official website for Racing Stripes is now online, currently featuring only eleven photos and a plot synopsis. Thanks to ‘monkeyboy12’ at the AN Forum for the note.

International Manga & Anime competition

The first-ever annual international competition to identify the best in Manga and Anime talent in the world has been launched, with $75,000 (£40,912) worth of prizes to be won. Click here for details.

Press release: The Incredibles soundtrack and audio story

Business Wire has the press release for the Incredibles soundtrack and audio story, soaring into stores on November 2, 2004. The Incredibles soundtrack features nineteen tracks in a score from Michael Giacchino (the Medal of Honor video games, ABC’s Alias), making his feature film composing debut.

Seventh Pokémon movie gets title and release date

Poké reveals that in North America, the seventh Pokémon movie will be entitled “Destiny Deoxys,” a shortened version of its Japanese title “The Sky-Splitting Visitor, Deoxys”. In the film, Ash, May, Max, and Brock must bring to an end the epic battle between Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza and Deoxys, in order to stop a mighty evil […]

Yogi Bear's Easter coming in February

Animated Bliss reports that the DVD for 1994’s Yogi Bear Easter Special will hit store shelves on February 8, 2005, with a suggested price of $14.95. No bonus features have been announced for the DVD.

Looney Tunes 2: Daffy Duck For President stills; no Chuck Amuck

In what will be disappointing news for Looney Tunes fans, we can now confirm that, unless it’s an amazing well hidden feature, the Chuck Jones documentary Chuck Amuck is not included on the new Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2, despite recent rumors. The four disc set is packed out with many other as yet […]

Early peek at The Polar Express; Remembering "Gertie"

Jim Hill Media takes an early look at The Polar Express. Michael Howe, who was able to catch a sneak peek at the film, says, “Overall, The Polar Express isn’t the greatest Zemeckis film, but it is in no way the worst.” The Polar Express will roll into theaters on Wednesday, November 10, 2004. Meanwhile, […]