Month: October 2004 – page 2

Reviews: Invader Zim: Horrible Holiday Cheer and Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection

IGN DVD reviews Invader Zim: Horrible Holiday Cheer and Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection, The Premiere Volume. Invader Zim: Horrible Holiday Cheer gets scores of 7/10 for the “movie”, 7/10 for the video, 6/10 for the audio, and 5/10 for the extras, with the overall DVD receiving a score of 6/10. Tom and Jerry: Spotlight […]

Interview: Mulan's Ming-Na

IGN DVD speaks to Ming-Na about Mulan and its upcoming sequel. The Mulan Special Edition DVD is now available to own.

New Chicken Little trailer premieres online!

An interesting, new trailer for Chicken Little, set to play in theaters with The Incredibles, has first debuted online at MSN! Thanks to ‘macontosh2000’ at the AN Forum for the news.

Get your Father of Pride questions answered

The producers of NBC/DreamWorks Father of Pride television series are allowing themselves to be interviewed by fans from all over the world. Questions can be submitted here. All questions must be received by 12pm ET, Wednesday, October 27, 2004. That means there’s just a few hours left.

Pics from the Incredibles premiere

Yahoo! News has made available some photos from the recent premiere of Pixar’s The Incredibles that took place October 24 at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

A round-up of toon TV on DVD…

TV Shows on DVD has been positively booming with toon-related DVD news the past couple of days – here’s a one-post round-up of all things animated coming up! First off, cover art for the second season of Garfield & Friends, which comes out December 7th, has been released. A press release, with full disc-by-disc breakdown […]

First glimpse of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

The British tabloid The Sun, via Ain’t It Cool News, has apparently gotten hold of a small, grainy photo of Depp in costume for Tim Burton’s upcoming remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As AICN’s Quint warns, though, it is just a tabloid, and there’s a good chance this pic was taken off-set, which […]

Father of the Pride nominated for People's "Favorite new TV comedy"

Yahoo! News reports that Father of the Pride has been nominated for the “Favorite new TV comedy” People’s Choice award. The lions will go up against Complete Savages, Entourage, Joey, and Quintuplets at the 31st annual People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, January 9, 2005.

Win a signed copy of The World of Wallace & Gromit

Skwigly Magazine is holding a contest in which one can win a a signed copy of The World of Wallace & Gromit, the story behind the famous plasticine characters.

Prince Caspian writer hired, while film depends on success of Wardrobe

The New Zealand Herald reveals that a writer has been hired to pen a screenplay for Prince Caspian, the possible sequel to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Nonetheless, the second film will not proceed production until Disney is pleased with the box office reaction of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In […]

"The CG Features Come Marching In"

The Business of Animation blog observes some upcoming computer animated features and the chances of their success in the two-part article “The CG Features Come Marching In”. Thanks to ‘splinewrangler’ at the AN Forum for the heads up!

Final Fantasy VII Special Edition Presention report attended the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Special Edition Presentation at the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema and has released part one of a three-part report of the event. The full report contains a very descriptive account of the 25 min. presentation as well as never before seen pictures. More information can be found […]

Father of the Pride pics and clips

The DreamWorks SKG Fansite has video clips from tonight’s episode of Father of the Pride, along with pics from the show’s upcoming Thanksgiving episode. Father of the Pride airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on NBC.

Review: Mulan Special Edition DVD

Coming Soon reviews the Mulan Special Edition DVD, giving the film a score of 8/10 and its DVD extras a score of 9/10. The site’s “bottom line” about the DVD is this: “If you already own Mulan on DVD and you enjoyed it, you’ll probably find this Special Edition worth buying for the bonus features. […]

Incredible articles, pics, and clips

As next week’s opening of The Incredibles quickly approaches, more news concerning The Incredibles has emerged. Superhero Hype has an excellent, organized interview with Incredibles director Brad Bird. With five images, Rope of Silicon reveals the evolution of one animation cell from the film, from the storyboard sketch to the final addition of shading and […]

Submit questions to producers of Father of the Pride

Those who wish to ask producers of Father of the Pride a question may do so by entering their inquiry at the DreamWorks SKG Fansite, which will be speaking to the producers soon. All questions must be received by 12p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, October 27, 2004.

Hanks and Gaye speak on Polar Express; Express to change the creation of movies?

The Polar Express stars Tom Hanks and Nona Gaye talk to Sci Fi Wire about their new film. In addition, The New York Times [free registration required] wonders if the combination of digital animation and live-action performances, such as seen in The Polar Express, will change the way that movies are made, as the article […]

Doo to be placed into Guinness Book of Records

The BBC reports that for having 350 episodes of various, connected television series, Scooby-Doo will be placed into the Guinness Book of Records. The record was previously held by The Simpsons, with 335 episodes.

Gellar turns down Buffy animated series

Sarah Michelle Gellar speaks to Sci Fi Wire about why she chose not to reprise the role of Buffy for the animated series. First of all, there is the commitment problem, as Gellar notes, “I was contractually bound to Buffy, to the Scooby movies, to whatever it was. I don’t do something unless I can […]

Dini gives thoughts concerning Krypto

In his most recent weblog entry at Jingle Belle, Krypto co-producer/writer Paul Dini comments, “I saw the first five or six completed Krypto episodes and they are looking pretty cute. Imagine a Hanna-Barbera cartoon series produced circa the time of Atom Ant (1966 or thereabouts) but with more lush animation. Props to Director/Producer Scott Jeralds […]

Muppets seen at Disney store

Jim Hill Media gives an update as to what is going on with the Muppets now that Disney has acquired them. The article mostly focuses on Muppets’ presence at New York City’s “World of Disney” store.

Interview: Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles

The Washington Times has a Q&A with The Incredibles director Brad Bird, in which minor spoilers are given concerning the film’s characters.

Conroy confirms more Batman direct-to-video features coming

Toon Zone reports that at the Dallas Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, Kevin Conroy, the voice of the Batman in the 90’s animated series, confirmed that more direct-to-video features starring the classic “Bruce Timm”-styled Dark Knight are on the way. A direct-to-video feature based on the new The Batman series is in the […]

Mulan: Special Edition

The Chinese legend of Fa Mulan gets the Disney treatment in one of the Studio’s best post-1990s renaissance features, and this 2-disc set is a collectors’ gem.

Mulan DVD worth the double dip

On the eve of its release, DVD Toons takes a look at Disney’s second big October release, {{link Mulan: Special Edition}}, and finds the set worthy of upgrade. “All in all, the non-appearance of a redundant full-frame version has meant the filling of the discs with more original content”, says the review. “A solid […]

Shark Tale sinks to #2 at box office

According to Box Office Guru, Shark Tale sunk to second place in this weekend’s top ten, due to a not-so-little Grudge. The fishy flick grossed an estimated $14.3 million, a 35% drop from last weekend, bringing its domestic box office total to $136,974,000. Meanwhile, The Grudge took the weekend box office’s top spot, grossing approximately […]

Fox, Cube, & Cohen Team-Up For Rap Toon

Variety is reporting that Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen and Ice Cube are teaming up for a half-hour animated sitcom for Fox called Grandmaster Freak & the Furious 15. The series will be set in Englewood, N.J., which is significant because the city is the birthplace hip-hop pioneer Sugar Hill Records, and will follow the […]

Tom & Jerry DVD set censored?!

It’s recently come to light on several animation forums that the recently-released Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection DVD set has at least 3 censored cartoons contained on it – the Golden Age Cartoons Forum has a more detailed thread about it. Upon inquiry, Warner Bros. and animation historian Jerry Beck were sincerely taken by […]

What's in that new Pirates thing, anyway?

Ultimate Disney has a new review up for the new 3-disc Gift Set of Pirates of the Caribbean, arriving in stores November 2nd. It is suggested that only the most hardcore Sparrow-chasers double dip on this one, though; “‘The Lost Disc’ alone probably does not merit a repurchase of Pirates of the Caribbean, but its […]

Could it be? Indeed! Brandon Routh is Superman!

Latino Review has the full press release from Warner Bros. on the casting of young TV star Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel. “[Director Bryan] Singer commented on his choice of a star, saying ‘Contrary to speculation, it was always my absolute intention to hire an unknown for this role. Brandon is an extremely […]