Month: December 2004 – page 3

Gisaku Teaser

A teaser for Filmax’s upcoming 2d feature Gisaku is now available on the company’s website. The movie tells the story of Gisaku, a samurai on a mission to defend the Key of Iza-nagi from evil forces. The Key, made of heavy stones, locks the door to the underworld, where the dark lord Gorkan is preparing […]

The Incredibles DVD artwork

The Disney Database has the cover and disc art for The Incredibles DVD, hitting stores in March 2004.

Review: Dream On Silly Dreamer

IGN FilmForce reviews Dream On Silly Dreamer, which is calls, “An excellent new doc on the sad death of traditional Disney animation, told from the artists’ perspective.” Dream On Silly Dreamer will be showing at several festivals in the coming year. Be sure to check out its official website for updates on the film.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory teaser trailer now online

The scrumpdeliciously unusual teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is now up at Yahoo! Movies.

The voice of Narnia's Aslan announced

In the official “Narnia” newsletter sent out today, it was revealed that Brian Cox (X2, the original Dr. Hannibal Lecktor in Manhunter) will be providing the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, roaring into theaters on December 9, 2005.

Cover art for the Shark Tale DVD

DVD Answers has the cover art for the Shark Tale DVD. Available in both full screen and widescreen versions, the DVD’s bonus features include a new “Club Oscar” sequence with the original cast including Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, and Renee Zellweger; an audio commentary; a Fishified World featurette; a “Music of Shark Tale” featurette with […]

New international Batman Begins teaser poster has a hi-res version of the Batman Begins international teaser poster.

Television air dates for Muppet Christmas Carol

According to, the beloved classic Muppet Christmas Carol will air on the Disney Channel on Wednesday, December 22, at 8pm, and on ABC Family either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, at 2pm.

DreamWorks follows Pixar lead, moves \\Shrek 3\\ to summer 2007

\\{{link Animation Magazine}}\\ reports that DreamWorks is moving the release of \\Shrek 3\\ from November 2006 to May 2007. Yesterday DreamWorks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg said, “The sheer magnitude of the Shrek franchise has led us to conclude that a May release date, with a DVD release around the holiday season, will enable us […]

Valiant: UK behind-the-scenes

Valiant, the UK-based Vanguard Animation feature that the Disney Studio sees as the first in a new CGI partnership with the company (and whose {{link teaser trailer}} we recently mentioned), gets a sneek-peak tonight in the UK on the BBC television arts series {{link The Culture Show}}. The segment will air during Thursday […]

Disney backs Sony's Blu-Ray high definition DVD format

In news that has shocked the already rocky state of today’s DVD industry, the Walt Disney Company yesterday announced that it intends to back Sony’s high-def Blu-Ray format in the upcoming war between two competing technologies. The DVD Forum, the association which developed and oversees the current DVD standard, is in preference toward Toshiba’s HD-DVD […]

\\Cars\\ move causes Pixar stock slump, but may help company in the long run

{{link Forbes}} reports that Pixar’s stock fell almost 5% on the news that they were delaying the release of \\Cars\\ by more than half a year. “Without \\Cars\\, Pixar next year must rely solely on home-video sales of the recent blockbuster \\The Incredibles\\ when the DVD is released during the spring”. However, some observers […]

ABC to air classic and new \\Charlie Brown\\ specials

The ABC television network will once again air the holiday classic \\A Charlie Brown Christmas\\ tonight at 8pm ET. Created by the popular Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz in 1965, the hour long special will also include a series of Christmas-themed animated stories entitled \\Charlie Brown Christmas\\ Tales, based on Schulz’s work, in which several […]

DVD reviews: Gargoyles, Treasures Mickey Mouse Club and Mickey Mouse in Black and White

Coming Soon! has reviews for the DVDs Gargoyles – The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition) (“If you like action-adventure cartoons, then you’ll love Gargoyles. There’s hours of entertainment here for kids and adults.”), Walt Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club (“Original fans of The Mickey Mouse Club are going to love this, but […]

The state of Gargoyles and the Muppets

Jim Hill Media investigates what is going on with two of Disney’s properties. “Gargoyles: Stone by Day, DVD on Tuesday” explains how the Gargoyles – The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition) DVD released today could pave the way for brand-new episodes of the series, should the DVD sell well. If more Gargoyles episodes […]

\\Shrek\\, \\Triplets\\ nominated for Grammy Awards

The nominees for the {{link 47th Grammy Awards}} were announced today. Among them \\Shrek 2\\ was nominated for “Best Compilation Soundtrack Album”, and \\Belleville Rendez-Vous\\ from \\The Triplets Of Belleville\\ and \\Accidentally In Love\\ from \\Shrek 2\\ were nominated for “Best Song Written For A Motion Picture, Television”. The Grammy Awards will be handed […]

UPDATED: Pixar's \\Cars\\, Disney's \\Chicken Little\\ release dates moved

Walt Disney and Pixar have announced that they are moving the release date of Pixar’s upcoming animated feature film, \\Cars\\, from November 2005 to June 9, 2006. Dick Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios said, “The move from November 2005 to June 2006 makes perfect sense. \\Cars\\ is the quintessential summer film for audiences […]

Clone Wars DVD release date announced

The official Star Wars site has just announced that seasons 1 and 2 of the Clone Wars animated micro-series will be released to DVD on March 22, 2005, which is one day after season 3 first airs on Cartoon Network.

Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Pluto, Volume One

Walt’s original pup gets his first solo outing in the Disney Treasures line, with part one of a “complete” collection of his works. Grrrreat!

Appleseed poster reveals US theatrical date

A poster spread in the print edition of industry magazing Video Business announces that Appleseed, the anime feature based on Masamune (Ghost In The Shell) Shirow’s manga, will be released to US theaters in “January 2005”. Check out the image here:

The incomplete Complete Pluto review

In the second of their reviews on the animated titles in this year’s Walt Disney Treasures series – all out in stores from today – DVD Toons opens up {{link The Complete Pluto: Volume One}}, describing the set as “light”. The review comments that “this earlier selection from Pluto‚Äôs career yields some odd choices. […]

Diplomacy breaks out at Disney

In his latest article, Chuck Oberleitner focuses on the recent news of Save Disney’s pulling back in their efforts to oust Michael Eisner from The Walt Disney Company. Special emphasis is given to Chairman George Mitchell’s reputation as a successful mediator.

Annie Award nominations announced

The {{link ASIFA}} has announced the nominees for this year’s {{link Annie Awards}}, honoring the best in the world of animation. \\The Incredibles\\ led all films with 16 nominations, followed by \\Shrek 2\\ and \\Shark Tale\\ with 7 each. \\Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends\\ led all TV shows with 4 nominations. The winners […]

Son of the Mask website updated

Superhero Hype! alerts that the official Son of the Mask website has been updated with new pictures, downloads, and bios. In addition, the website reveals that the film is rated PG. Son of the Mask, starring Jamie Kennedy, hits US theaters on February 18, 2005.

Pirates avoiding Rush-ing into a sequel?

Ain’t It Cool News reports that Geoffrey Rush claims he has not signed on to do any sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, according to the actor, he has not even been formally approached to do the projects, despite constant internet rumors stating otherwise. Noting the rumor that Rush pulled out of Eucalyptus […]

Sneak peek at Mary Poppins' The Cat That Looked At A King bonus short

Though it gets top billing on the packaging for the new Mary Poppins: 40th Anniversary Editon DVD, the newly animated bonus short The Cat That Looked At A King is pretty buried away deep on Disc Two of the set. Following the Ultimate Disney site’s recent review, take a first look at further stills from […]

\\The Polar Express\\ top animated film, chugs towards $100 million

After passing \\The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie\\ on last weekends box office chart, \\The Polar Express\\ sped past \\The Incredibles\\ and became the top animated film this week according to {{link Box Office Mojo}}. \\The Polar Express\\ moved up to third on the weekends box office with $11 million ($96.4 total), barely missing the number […]

Extended Mammuk teaser

Here is a teaser for Bruno Bozzetto’s feature project Mammuk. The status of this project is still unknown: the pilot was presented at the Cartoons on the Bay festival in Positano in 2002, but so far RAI Cinema has not committed to the production yet. Let’s hope this movie can find its way to the […]

Future Walt Disney Treasures plans

“Blacksanta” at the Ultimate Disney forums shares an e-mail apparently from film historian Leonard Maltin about plans for upcoming waves of the Walt Disney Treasures series, which include a catch-all DVD for miscellaneous cartoons and the remaining Silly Symphonies.

Save Disney ends efforts

Yahoo! News reports that, while not perfectly satisfied with the outcome of their efforts to oust Michael Eisner from his position as The Walt Disney Company’s CEO, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold have decided not to push for an alternate slate of directors when the company’s next annual meeting is held in March 2005. “The […]