Though it gets top billing on the packaging for the new Mary Poppins: 40th Anniversary Editon DVD, the newly animated bonus short The Cat That Looked At A King is pretty buried away deep on Disc Two of the set. Following the Ultimate Disney site’s recent review, take a first look at further stills from Cat, which was primarily set up at the company’s DTV arm, DisneyToon Studios, and animated by The Answer Studio (made up of former Walt Disney Animation staffers) in Japan. The animation doesn’t quite reach the Burbank or Florida unit’s output, but is stretches better than typical DTV or Saturday morning cartoon output. The Mary Poppins Special Edition DVD is out to own from next Tuesday, December 14. Check out those images, and selected credits, here:

CatKing-01 (14k image)

CatKing-02 (20k image)

CatKing-03 (20k image)

CatKing-04 (21k image)

CatKing-05 (25k image)

CatKing-06 (20k image)

CatKing-07 (19k image)

CatKing-08 (18k image)

CatKing-09 (13k image)

CatKing-10 (18k image)

CatKing-11 (17k image)

CatKing-12 (18k image)

CatKing-13 (20k image)

CatKing-14 (11k image)

CatKing-15 (15k image)

CatKing-16 (17k image)

CatKing-17 (14k image)

CatKing-18 (17k image)

CatKing-19 (20k image)

The Cat That Looked At A King is a highlight of the new Mary Poppins DVD set. Its one let-down is that the score has been composed and performed on sampled synths rather than with the lush backing of a full orchestra, lending it a cheaper feel. On the plus side, Julie Andrews recreates some key Poppins lines and poses on the recreated London park entrance set, and the title design brings back fond memories of Walt Disney’s original film. The film runs for just over nine-and-a-half minutes.

Starring Julie Andrews and the voices of Sarah Ferguson, David Ogden Stiers and Tracey Ullman. Animation directed by Dave Bossart. Live-Action directed by Peter Schneider. Story adaptation by Shirley Pierce. Music by Mark Watters. Art direction by Cristy Maltese. Production designed by Rasoul Azadani. Based on Mary Poppins Opens The Door by PL Travers. Produced by DisneyToon Studios Special Projects, 2004.