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Kirikou Teaser

The French site Allocine has a teaser for the traditional animated feature Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages. The movie is a sequel to the acclaimed 1998 feature Kirikou et la Sorciere, and stars the little african kid Kirikou in new adventures. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year and is directed by […]

Happily N'ever After Trailer

The trailer for Vanguard’s CG fairy tale Happily N’Ever After is now up on BFC Berliner Film Companie web site. Inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, this feature comedy “explores what would happen if the balance of good and evil were set out of whack in Fairy Tale Land. Tired of the status […]

Naruto on Cartoon Network

NarutoFan reports that the cult anime series Naruto is coming to Cartoon Network this fall. The first episode will air on Toonami, Saturday September 10th at 9:00pm, and will be repeated the next Saturday. Naruto, the main character, is a young ninja apprentice. Together with his fellow students Sasuke and Sakura, he has to learn […]

Giamatti to voice Amazing Screw-On Head

Sci Fi Wire reports that Paul Giamatti will be among the actors to voice the half hour animated series Amazing Screw-On Head. Based on Mike Mignola’s comic book, the series is set in the Civil War era and narrates the adventures of a robot secret agent at the service of Abraham Lincoln. David Hyde Pierce […]

Viewtiful Joe coming to Kids WB

Toonzone reports that the anime based on Capcom’s Viewtiful Joe videogame will air on Kids WB this fall. The series centers on Joe, a film buff that is sucked into an action movie and is transformed into Viewtiful Joe, a superhero with the power to speed up or slow down time.

Annecy: Palmarès 2005

The 28th annual Annecy Animation Festival has announced the Palmarè awards for 2005. Here are the winners:

Conan The Barbarian animated feature

AWN reports that Swordplay Entertainment is working on an animated feature film based on Robert E. Howard’s creation. Conan: Red Nails is a 2D/3D feature scheduled for release on DVD in 2006, with a possibility of theatrical release.

Animated A Hard Day's Night On Hold

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Rocumentary, a DreamWorks animated feature based on the 1964 Beatles flick A Hard Day’s Night has been put on hold because George Harrison refused his approval before his death. The film was about an obscure band featuring four penguins who live in a far-off place and are discovered because they […]

Andreas Deja interview

The Animation Podcast has the first part of an interview with legendary Disney animator Andreas Deja. In part one Andreas takes us through his discovery of animation from a small town in Germany to the Disney Animation building in Burbank. Start your iPods!

Studio Ghibli Next Animated Project

Online Ghibli reports that Miyazaki’s studio is working on a new animated project to be released in 2006. According to the Japanese newspaper Nanjing Morning Post, the movie will be based on a Chinese children book called Wo diushile wode xiaonanhai (I Lost my Little Boy), by Yishu. The short novel is written in children’s […]

Howl's Moving Castle American Trailer

Here is the domestic trailer for Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece. The movie will open in the states on June 10th.

Kirikou et le Fétiche Égaré to premiere at Cannes

{{link The Big Cartoon Forum}} reports that the sequel to the critically acclaimed French animated movie Kirikou et la Sorciere will be shown at Cannes Film Festival this May. Directed by Michel Ocelot, the movie is based on an African folk tale and will open in France December 7.

King Kong Animated Series to be Released on DVD

Riding on the upcoming Peter Jackson movie, Sony Music will release the animated King Kong tv series on DVD this November. The 4-disc set collects the 1966 TV series by Rankin-Bass and will retail for $39.95. has the full story.

Valiant trailer

A trailer for the upcoming Vanguard-Disney CG movie is available on the official web site. Valiant‘s US release date has recently been pushed back four months by Buena Vista, to August 19 2005, in order to mount a wider marketing campaign. The film will be released in the UK as planned, by Odyssey Distributors in […]

Roger Dean movie planned

British illustrator Roger Dean is working on an animated feature based on his Yes album covers. Floating Islands is the story is of a boy Loki, growing up, his imagination fired by the myths and legends his uncle had read to him as a child. The film is about a coming of age, a quest […]

The Easter Egg Escapade Trailer

Renowned children’s book author John Michael Williams has made the journey from print to the silver screen with the release of the feature-length animated film The Easter Egg Escapade. The movie tells the story of Egg Town, an idyllic village where neighboring chickens and rabbits live together in harmony. However, beyond the borders of this […]

Mirrormask Trailer

Born of a cooperation between writer Neil Gaiman and artist Dave McKean and animated by the Jim Henson Company, Mirromask is loosely based on Lewis Carrol’s Alice In Wonderland. Helena, a fifteen year old girl working for her family circus, wishes to run away and live a normal life. She finds herself in a fantastic […]

Gopher Broke Teaser

Blur Studio’s home page has a teaser for their Oscar nominated short Gopher Broke (Jeff Fowler, director; Tim Miller, executive producer). The short features a hungry gopher that tries to steal food from a farmer, with hilarious results.

Midsummer Dream trailer

Dygra Films’ take on Shakespeare’s comedy is coming to the theaters this summer. El Sueno de una Noche de San Juan is a $9M CG adaptation of A Midsummer’s Night Dream set in Galicia and distributed by Buena Vista International. The official web page has the trailer.

Appleseed US release date

Following our recent revealing of the theatrical poster and release date, the Animation Insider has more information on the new Appleseed feature film, which opened in Japan in early 2004 and will premiere in the US in mid-January 2005. See the link for a list of the theaters that will show this movie.

Dylan Dog CG movie in the works

Popular italian comic book character Dylan Dog will be the star of a CG movie produced by The Shop Animation Studios in Vancouver. Dylan Dog: The Fourth Kingdom will be directed by Ian Pearson and will start production next March. Known as the “investigator of nightmares”, Dylan Dog is a private eye specialized in paranormal […]

Supertramps trailer

Directed by Jose Mari Goenaga, Supertramps is a spanish animated feature that mixes CG character with scale models to deliver an unique look. The movie tells the story of a dove, a rat, and a cockroach led by a black cat who dream to leave the misery in which nature has condemned them to live. […]

First pictures from Wallace & Gromit feature

Dark Horizons has the first images from Aardman Animation’s upcoming Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of The Wererabbit movie. Peter Sallis, Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes will provide the voices for this September 2005 release, which will be released through the company’s association with DreamWorks.

Gisaku Teaser

A teaser for Filmax’s upcoming 2d feature Gisaku is now available on the company’s website. The movie tells the story of Gisaku, a samurai on a mission to defend the Key of Iza-nagi from evil forces. The Key, made of heavy stones, locks the door to the underworld, where the dark lord Gorkan is preparing […]

Extended Mammuk teaser

Here is a teaser for Bruno Bozzetto’s feature project Mammuk. The status of this project is still unknown: the pilot was presented at the Cartoons on the Bay festival in Positano in 2002, but so far RAI Cinema has not committed to the production yet. Let’s hope this movie can find its way to the […]

Howl's Moving Castle sets 2-day box-office record in Japan

Famed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animated film Howl’s Moving Castle chalked up 1.48 billion yen in box-office revenue and attracted an audience of 1.1 million people during its first two days of release, a record for a domestic film, Toho Co. said Monday. For its first two days, the movie surpassed the record of […]

James Cameron working on CG Battle Angel

In an in interview on NPR, the director of Titanic and Aliens confirmed that his next movie will be Battle Angel, a live action take on the Battle Angel Alita manga/anime. The movie will be shot in 3D, using the same technology of Cameron’s IMAX 3D movie Aliens of the Deep. The main character will […]

Puss in Boots gets his own movie

Variety(subscription required) reports that DreamWorks has hired scribes Ed Decter and John Strauss to write the animated pic Puss in Boots, based on the Antonio Banderas-voiced character from Shrek 2.

The Emperor's New Groove TV series coming to Disney Channel

Disney Channel has given the go-ahead to a cartoon series based on the 2000 theatrical release The Emperor’s New Groove. The kids’ cable network has ordered 21 episodes of Emperor’s New Skool for 2006. Groove has performed well on Disney Channel in the past; an Aug. 21 airing was tops in its time period among […]

11 Animated Movies Eligible for Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that 11 animated features will be eligible for an oscar nomination. Here is the list: The Incredibles Shrek 2 Shark Tale The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Home on the Range Teacher’s Pet Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Clifford’s Really Big Movie Sky Blue The Legend […]