hna_head (44k image)The trailer for Vanguard’s CG fairy tale Happily N’Ever After is now up on BFC Berliner Film Companie web site. Inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, this feature comedy “explores what would happen if the balance of good and evil were set out of whack in Fairy Tale Land. Tired of the status quo, an unholy alliance of bad guys led by Frieda, Cinderella’s evil stepmother, takes on the good guys. Cinderella (aka Ella) starts out as a damsel in distress (your typical Prince dreamer), but when her own fairy tale takes a radical left turn she is forced to form and eventually lead a resistance group without her Prince Charming. Set against a backdrop of fractured fairy tales, Ella and her unknown true love Rick, the palace dishwasher, ultimately must choose their own destinies in a world of happy endings gone wrong. The race for control of the kingdom is on, and power mad Frieda is set to change the age-old storyline to Happily N’Ever After” forever!