Month: December 2004 – page 2

Pink Panther slinks online

A trailer for the new Steve Martin-starring Pink Panther movie has been linked to from {{link Ain’t It Cool News}}.

Bakshi's Fire And Ice DVD in July

Long featured on the “{{link future releases}}” page of its website, Blue Underground honcho Bill Lustig announced on Saturday at a Q&A session for another film screening in Scranton, PA, that Ralph Bakshi’s Fire And Ice “should be out around the end of July” from the independent DVD distributors. Apparently, the key thing holding […]

Fockers writer on Toy Story 3

Meet The Fockers co-writer James Herzfeld, at the premiere of that newly released film, mentioned that he has “turned in a draft” for the Pixar-less third Toy Story movie, to be produced solely by the Disney Studios. {{link The IESB film news site}} has more, including some original cast and theatrical hopes, as well […]

Top Cat: The Complete Series

This Hanna-Barbera series is relatively forgotten compared to some of their bigger properties, but fortunately Warner Home Video gave us this fine DVD release so that everyone can now appreciate just how great this prime-time show was.

Best Visual Effects Oscar contenders announced

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciencens has {{link announced}} the list of seven films that are being considered for nomination for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects at the upcoming Academy Awards. They are: \\The Aviator\\, \\The Day After Tomorrow\\, \\Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban\\, \\I Robot\\, \\Lemony Snicket’s A […]

Valiant gets US release date

With all the switcheroos in release date changes hopping around the studios at the moment, it’s perhaps no surprise to find that Disney will plug their Chicken Little-missing summer slots with their British-made computer animation movie Valiant. The {{link Film Jerk}} website lists the film, produced by Ealing Studio-based Vanguard Animation in a partnership […]

Dylan Dog CG movie in the works

Popular italian comic book character Dylan Dog will be the star of a CG movie produced by The Shop Animation Studios in Vancouver. Dylan Dog: The Fourth Kingdom will be directed by Ian Pearson and will start production next March. Known as the “investigator of nightmares”, Dylan Dog is a private eye specialized in paranormal […]

Report from the Incredibles screening with Brad Bird

Animated News just got back from ASIFA-Hollywood’s special presentation of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles. Matt Groening acted as host and writer/director Brad Bird was the guest of honor. After a screening of the film Matt and Brad had a discussion about it and then opened it up to questions from the audience. Includes info on Michael […]

Supertramps trailer

Directed by Jose Mari Goenaga, Supertramps is a spanish animated feature that mixes CG character with scale models to deliver an unique look. The movie tells the story of a dove, a rat, and a cockroach led by a black cat who dream to leave the misery in which nature has condemned them to live. […]

First pictures from Wallace & Gromit feature

Dark Horizons has the first images from Aardman Animation’s upcoming Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of The Wererabbit movie. Peter Sallis, Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes will provide the voices for this September 2005 release, which will be released through the company’s association with DreamWorks.

Daws Butler biog

The {{link Daws Butler}} website has been updated now that the official biography of the voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and all things Hanna-Barbera, Daws Butler: Characters Actor, by Ben Ohmart and Joe Bevilacqua, is now available. Check out the site for more details, plus much more, including recently discovered Daws comedy spots!

New Narnia peeks!

{{link Ain’t It Cool News}} has posted an account of a first look sneak peek at footage, concepts and stills from the upcoming The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. Meanwhile, the {{link NarniaWeb}} site has scans from last Friday’s UK newspaper The Daily Mail of Peter, Susan, Edmund, […]

Moebius Strip finds distributor path

{{link Variety reports}} that Fantastic Films International has picked up distribution of the computer animated feature Thru The Moebius Strip, produced at Hong Kong animation studio GDC Entertainment, and based on an original story and designs by Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud. The film is about a physicist who becomes trapped on a distant planet after […]

Ellenshaw Collectors Editions

The Cinefex newsletter announces that “father and son matte painting masters Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw have revised their website to offer a new selection of art by Peter Ellenshaw – landscapes and renderings of classic Disney imagery including Mary Poppins, Fantasia and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – collaborative works by Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw, […]

Rudolph And Frosty’s Christmas In July

This somewhat obscure 1970’s Rankin-Bass feature is surprisingly adept at keeping up the ol’ Rudolph & Frosty magic.

Father Of The Pride comes to DVD

The DreamWorks Fansite has announced that DreamWorks is unsurprisingly looking to issue a complete {{link Father Of The Pride DVD}} around Thanksgiving 2005, to be “loaded with features”.

Matt Groening to moderate Incredibles Q&A session

Okay, this is a good example of the benefits derived from being a member of ASIFA-Hollywood (membership open to all): This Thursday night writer/director/inadvertent voice artist Brad Bird will be presenting his little film The Incredibles at the Writers Guild Screening Room in Beverly Hills, CA. The event is free for ASIFA-Hollywood members and is […]

Eisner intends to linger longer

C. W. Oberleitner has written at his o-meon site about Michael Eisner’s recently declared intentions to remain on the Disney Board of Directors even after his term as CEO of The Walt Disney Company expires and that “he may seek a more active role in the creative elements of the Disney Company.” Eisner’s remarks were […]

Announcing Sky Blue

Representing Animated News, I was privileged to be able to attend a recent press screening of Maxmedia’s Sky Blue, “a love story set against the forces of destruction, a dystopian vision of Earth’s destiny, yet ultimately a reminder of our hope for the future.” The film offers up a deft blend of primarily computer generated […]

Davey & Goliath's Snowboard Christmas

The Orange County Register has an article on the Davey & Goliath’s Snowboard Christmas special to be shown this coming Sunday on the Hallmark Channel (free subscription required to read article online). The special focuses on Davey’s snowboard contest with his Jewish friend Sam and his Muslim friend Yasmeen and stresses religious tolerance and respect […]

New Magic Roundabout and Son of the Mask pics

The Hollywood News has new pics from The Magic Roundabout, while M&C Movies has new photos from Son of the Mask.

A Survivor joins Pirates

According to Dark Horizons, in an interview with the Bob and Tom AM radio show, Rupert Boneham, the tank top-wearing, black-bearded, gentle giant from Survivor: Pearl Islands, was given the suggestion from host Tom that he should be in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, because he could easily play the role of pirate. Boneham then […]

AFI Awards names The Incredibles one of the top ten films of 2004

Reuters reports that the American Film Institute’s annual AFI Awards has named The Incredibles as one of the top ten films of the year. Other films in the top ten included: The Aviator, Collateral, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Friday Night Lights, Kinsey, Million Dollar Baby, and Spider-Man 2. These films, listed alphabetically rather […]

62nd Golden Globe Awards nominations

The official website for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association lists the nominations for the 62nd Golden Globe Awards nominations. The Incredibles landed a nomination for “Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy”, while Shrek 2 and The Polar Express received a nomination each for “Best Original Song”, with the songs Accidentally in Love and Believe. The […]

Mary Poppins gets the DVD Toons review

DVD Toons has taken a look at tomorrow’s {{link 40th Anniversary release of Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins}}, calling the disc “practically perfect, but not quite”, citing a none too accurate aspect ratio and several extras missing from previous incarnations as the reason the disc doesn’t reach top marks. But there are good words for […]

Madagascar merchandise

The website for Giftmaker Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. reports that they have inked a deal with DreamWorks Animation to produce merchandise for the upcoming CGI feature Madagascar. “In addition to plush toys, RUSS will also produce a variety of Madagascar products in other gift categories, including plush key chains and backpack danglers, hand puppets, […]

Bambi DVD special features

Justin Williams in our Animated News forum has listed a host of special features that will be on Disney’s upcoming 2-disc Bambi Platinum Edition DVD.

Save Disney remains vigilant

Roy Disney has recently posted an open letter stating that, despite their decision to not nominate an alternate slate of members for the Disney board, the Save Disney movement is still keeping a watchful eye on the Walt Disney Company to see to it that they keep their promise to “get rid of Eisner, and […]

The Incredibles receives "Best Animated Feature", "Best Musical Score" awards from L.A. Critics

Yahoo! News reports that in an announcement made Saturday, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association named The Incredibles “Best Animated Feature,” in addition to awarding it the “Best Musical Score” honor.

Mary Poppins: 40th Anniversary Edition

Walt Disney’s exuberant musical masterpiece comes to special edition DVD in a wonderful package that does the film justice, explores every avenue of production and bundles in a new short too!