Jim Hill Media investigates what is going on with two of Disney’s properties. “Gargoyles: Stone by Day, DVD on Tuesday” explains how the Gargoyles – The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition) DVD released today could pave the way for brand-new episodes of the series, should the DVD sell well. If more Gargoyles episodes are ordered, Greg Weisman, the main man behind the series, certainly is ready: six Gargoyles spin-offs, along with many additional stories for the original show, were planned, if only it had continued.

Meanwhile, the article “Much Ado about Disney & the Muppets” leads one to believe that things are not as okay as they once seemed with the Muppets. Within the article, several rumored projects are mentioned, including the television movies Muppet Alice in Wonderland, Muppet Peter Pan, and an untitled Muppet Halloween Movie. Unfortunately, no theatrical Muppet movies are being considered. However, the Disney Channel is interested in bringing back Muppet Babies, only this time doing the series in motion-captured CGI, and a new series that Jim Henson himself thought of, entitled Muppet High. As the article asks, “…Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo & pals continually being forced to play characters other than themselves, or having to play babies or teenaged versions of themselves. Some longtime observers of the Muppets think that this is a rather odd way to try & introduce these characters to a new generation. I mean, how are consumers supposed to get to know Kermit & Co. if the Muppets don’t actually ever look or act like the characters that people have loved for nearly 50 years now?”