Month: March 2004

A look at the voice behind Scooby-Doo

{{link CNN}} has an interview with Australian actor and stuntman Neil Fanning, the voice of Scooby-Doo, on “how he got the job, the speech problems of a perpetually hungry and/or frightened canine, and the perils of recording the voice on people’s answering machines”.

The Digital Bits on Disney DVD documentaries

DVD news and reviews site The Digital Bits has their classics expert Barrie Maxwell return today with three new articles of particular interest to animation fans. As well as his usual {{link Coming Attractions}} page (which highlights many animated titles in the works), Barrie also gets to grips with a {{link group of […]

South Park: The Passion Of The Jew

The {{link Internet Movie Database}} reports thst “The controversy over Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ spills over into Comedy Central Wednesday night when South Park offers an episode titled The Passion of the Jew“. The Viacom-owned channel released a statement which described the episode: “After weeks of pressure from Cartman, Kyle finally […]

More Roseanne on Home On The Range

Roseanne really seems to be pulling the stops out in making the rounds promoting Disney’s Home On The Range. Now, the {{link Latino Review}} has a chat with the star, who provides the voice of Maggie in the film, out this Friday, April 2.

Garfield as he should be

Fox Home Entertainment, via DVD Toons, announces a new disc and specs for {{link Garfield As Himself}}, a collection of three animated episodes (Here Comes Garfield, Garfield On The Town and Garfield Gets A Life) coming to DVD on June 29. Retail is a low $14.95, with no known extras at this point.

Teacher's Pet DVD cover art

It didn’t do too well in theaters and the theatrical poster (lampooning Pinocchio) may have been jettisoned, but here’s the much more “kid-friendly” and colorful artwork for the Teacher’s Pet disc, out June 15, courtesty of {{link DVD Toons}}.

US dub voice cast for My Neigbor Totoro

‘WolfTooth’ in the {{link Animated News Forum}} points to’s news that a vocal cast has been announced for the new US dubbed version of Miyazaki’s My Neigbor Totoro. Artists include Dakota Fanning (Taken, I Am Sam) as Satsuki, her younger sister Elle Fanning (Taken, Daddy Day Care) as Mei, and familiar Disney voices […]

On The Record: on the road

On The Record, a musical revue show featuring music from Disney’s amazing repertoire, is being tested on the road after all, following news that Mouse House theatrical chiefs wanted to take it straight to Broadway. Now {{link Playbill}} has announced the initial dates set for the touring show, which will take in the big […]

No long wait for UK DreamWorks fans!

Those anticipating the usual long wait between films being released in the US and their eventual UK issues will be pleased to learn that DreamWorks will bow its two big animated features this year in the UK soon after their counterpart dates in the States. Shrek 2 will hit on July 2 following an American […]

New interview with Home on the Range's Roseanne Barr

Coming Soon! interviews Roseanne Barr about her work in Home on the Range.

Kiefer Sutherland talks Wild

Those who saw Kiefer Sutherland’s appearance on last night’s episode of the Tonight Show were shown a special treat, when Jay Leno asked Sutherland about his work on an upcoming Disney animated movie. The 24 star answered that the movie was The Wild, and proceeded to talk about his work in it. While Sutherland called […]

Previewing the Paul McCartney Music And Animation Collection

Scoring an early look at the menus and disc artwork for the April 13 release of Paul McCartney: The Music And Animation Collection is {{link DVD Toons}}, also adding full specs and a hi-res version of the previously released cover art. While it looks like a nice set, it’s a shame that it will […]

Tom And Jerry DVD box art first look!

Hidden in the depths of the recently released {{link Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? box set}}, DVD Toons reviewer Randall Cyrenne mentions a certain trailer that is “most notable for also showing the cover art for the upcoming Jetsons set and the still-not-officially-announced Tom And Jerry set”. The Jetsons collection looks to follow the look […]

Home On The Range: AICN review

‘Burma’ has seen Disney’s Home On The Range, out this weekend, and sends in a frank report to {{link Ain’t It Cool News}} about the film and a “premiere screening” event hosted by the San Diego Cinema Society. Associate Producer David Steinberg was also on hand to introduce the film and stick about for […]

Scooby Doo box set reviewed; new feature opens strong

{{link DVD Toons}} have taken a look at the recent Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Seasons One and Two DVD box set from Warners. Meanwhile, the new live-action Scooby feature, Monsters Unleashed, opened on Friday with an estimated $30.7 million, roughly half of the $54.2 million taken in by the 2002 original, but still […]

Disney dilemmas

Jim Hill Media provides two noteworthy articles: “The Pixar countdown clock continues to tick…“, which discusses why Pixar needs to soon find a distributor for Ratatoullie, and “In Search of The Sweatbox“, which explains why you may never see this critically-acclaimed documentary.

Pooh lawsuit against Disney dismissed

A lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company by Stephen Slesinger Inc (“the family firm with U.S. merchandising rights” to Winnie the Pooh) for hundreds of millions of dollars in allegedly unpaid royalties has been dismissed with prejuduce by the judge, according to a {{link|top|03-29-2004::12:49|reuters.html Reuters}} report. Last month, Disney lawyers had asked the judge […]

Sir Peter Ustinov dies

Celebrated raconteur and Oscar winning actor Sir Peter Ustinov has died at the age of 82. He won one of his two Academy Awards for his role in Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus in 1960, but will forever be remembered by animation fans for providing one of the best – if not the best – vocal performances […]

Shark Tale website now updated!

The Dreamworks SKG Fansite reports that the official Shark Tale website has undergone a major update, now including more flash animation and information about the film’s characters. Also, an “anonymous individual” has informed the fansite that a Shark Tale teaser trailer will be swimming online “very soon.”

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?: The Complete First and Second Seasons

This set was one of the first Hanna-Barbera DVD sets, which mean that the extras are terrible. However, there is still lots of Scooby goodness here for fans to enjoy.

More WB superheroes head to DVD

Jim Harvey over at {{link Toon Zone}} has more info (after the {{link news}} last week) on several new WB titles coming to DVD, including Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, the Justice League: Starcrossed movie and another, direct to video feature for Justice League.

First look at Father Of The Pride

Well, it’s not quite what many were expecting (much more of a “cartoony” look, with animated Siegfried and Roy as opposed to their live-action selves), but {{link Coming Soon}} has the first look pic from DreamWorks’ new series for NBC, Father Of The Pride, as it appears in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Chicken Little teaser now online!

Can’t wait until Tuesday to catch the Chicken Little teaser on the new Brother Bear DVD? Well head over to this French {{link Disney fan site}} which has a version of the trailer online. You can also {{link directly download}} the teaser here.

Midgar animated feature

DeFamilieJanssen, the Belgian producers of Jester Till are working on a new animated feature. In Midgar, two aliens are marooned in Ireland during the Vikings’ invasion and end up being worshipped as gods. You can see some art and storybaord from this interesting looking project on the official web page.

New interview with Craig Bartlett

Toon Zone has a new interview with Craig Bartlett, the creator of Hey Arnold!, the Cartoon Network movie Party Wagon, and the newest season of Johnny Bravo.

"The Devil and Television's Webster"

Sci-Fi Channel’s Tripping the Rift is set to feature Webster, the lovable kid from the 1983 television series, with Emmanuel Lewis providing the voice of Webster. The episode’s synopsis is, “When Chode sells his soul to the Devil to save his blobby purple behind, his crew searches desperately for a way out of the demonic […]

Disney developments

Dark Horizons has a large list of movies that Disney’s Buena Vista division is developing, which is definitely worth a look.

Gumby to play basketball

The Big Cartoon Database reports that The Sixers and Premavision, Inc., the studio that produced the 1995 feature Gumby: The Movie, have come together to create a promotional television ad, in which a life-size Gumby will play a game of H-O-R-S-E against All-Star guard Allen Iverson. Donning the No. 3 Sixers jersey that Iverson usually […]

Family Guy is coming back!!!

I guess when you are #1 all over the place, it’s doesn’t matter how un PC you are, you get a second chance. 2005 is a bit away, but I think I can wait. I’m to excited to type anymore, go read about it here at AWN.

Dick Cook says Buzz and Woody deserve it: Toy Story 3 likely to hit theaters first

Animation World Magazine has a quick little article detailing Walt Disney Studio President Dick Cook’s vision of Toy Story 3 as being a full-fledged theatrical feature rather than a direct-to-video title. I wonder if getting flooded with e-mails requesting that The Three Musketeers go to theaters first has prompted this special treatment for the next, […]