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The Best Of 2008: It Came…It Saw…It’s Over!

From the best to the worst, here are our highlighted DVD picks of the year, plus some other worthy mentions, high-def choices, and our top three motion pictures of the year!

Sleeping Beauty Film Facts

These fascinating Film Facts from Disney look back on the production of the Studio’s 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty.

Animated Con-versation: AN&V at Comic-Con 2008!

Join Animated News & Views’ Ben Simon, James R Whitson and Randall Cyrenne as they head down California way to meet up for the first time at the annual Comic-Con geek fest in San Diego!

Roy Disney Presents At The Newport Film Festival 2008

Animated News & Views heads down to Los Angeles’ Newport Beach to catch some rarely screened animated shorts from the Disney vaults!

The Animated Seuss

Dr. Seuss had a lot more involvement in animation than you may have realized! Private Snafu, Puppetoons, and more surprises are covered in this retrospective.

Enchanted‘s Visual Heritage

Take a peek at a few of Enchanted‘s many classic Disney references!

High-Def Animation Took Off in 2007

Take a look back at the big year animation had on both high-def optical disc formats — Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

The Best Of 2007: The Year In Review

From the best to the worst, here are our top ten DVD picks of the year, including some other worthy titles and those to stay clear of, as well as our top three motion pictures!

Popeye: A Sailor’s Story

The story of Popeye, beginning with his debut in Thimble Theater, to his fame as an animated cartoon icon, a live-action star, and a foray into CGI.

Hanna And Barbera: A Cartoon Appreciation, Part 3

The final part of our Hanna-Barbera overview sees the studio go through its huge production years in the 1970s and finding great success with the Smurfs in the 1980s before ultimately being swallowed up by huge entertainment companies.

Hanna And Barbera: A Cartoon Appreciation, Part 2

The second part of our Hanna-Barbera history begins a survey of their legendary television output, from Ruff And Reddy to Scooby-Doo.

Il était une fois…Walt Disney – Artistic Sources Exhibition

Ben Simon travels to Paris to tour and experience the Il était une fois, Walt Disney (Once Upon A Time…Walt Disney) art exhibition at the Grand Palais, and speaks to the commissioning curator and the exhibition’s instigator Bruno Girveau about this once in a lifetime, ten years in the making event.

Hanna And Barbera: A Cartoon Appreciation, Part 1

This first part of our look at the famed Hanna-Barbera team examines their early lives and career together, up to their lay-off from MGM.

2006: A Year In Review

We review 2006 in the Wide Wide World of Toons, when six non-American films made their North American debuts, representing the rising number of foreign studios investing in animation.

Comic-Con 2006: Animated Coverage!

Coverage of 2006’s San Diego Comic-Con International and the cornucopia of animated exclusive sneak peeks, screenings and announcements.

Kachow! The Cars Speedway Premiere

On Friday, May 26, 2006, the once-in-a-lifetime premiere of Disney/Pixar’s Cars occurred in Concord, NC. In attendance at the extravaganza was Animated News & Views correspondent Josh Armstrong and guest contributor Brandon Neeld.

Watershipped Rabbits And Plagued Dogs: The Animated World Of Richard Adams

The Wide Wide World Of Toons heads on over to England for a pair of animated adaptations of author Richard Adams’ work, newly released on DVD in Australia.

Pinchcliffe Races Home: A Look Back At Caprino Studios

The Wide Wide World Of Toons looks back on Norwegian pioneer Ivo Caprino’s films and a lavish, newly restored DVD boxed set collection.

Disney On Ice: The Incredibles Magic Kingdom Adventure

The Incredibles make their transfer from CGI to ice and visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney’s new spectacular. Brandon Neeld was at the premiere.

Dream On, Silly Dreamer

Independent documentary Dream On, Silly Dreamer projects the tragic tale of a medium deemed “dead” by numerous corporate heads. Animated News & Views’ Lindsay Mayer and Christian Ziebarth were on hand to sample the picture at separate screenings.

Aladdin: Crew Reunion

Animated News & Views presents a lengthy writeup of the Aladdin Reunion held on Friday, April 22, 2005. The report contains four photos from the event, hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood and conducted at the Glendale Central Library.

Picks Of The Year 2004

Although it only seems a few weeks since we last compiled a pick of our favorite animated goodies, we have come to the end of yet another year and so again offer our selection of all fine things animated!

A Fond Look Back At Filmation: Part 2

The second part of our survey on Filmation sees the studio once again enjoy some major successes in the 1970’s and 1980’s, only to fall prey to changing economic realities.

A Fond Look Back At Filmation: Part 1

This studio is finally getting its due on DVD, so it’s a great time to look back at its classic line-up. In Part One of this survey, we look at the studio’s origins in the 1960’s and go up to the highs and lows of 1975.

A Front Row Seat in Philadelphia

A report from Roy Disney and Stanley Gold’s meeting as well as The Walt Disney Company’s annual shareholder meeting.

2003: ’Tis The Season To Buy Presents!

With the end of the year upon us and the holiday gift-giving season coming up fast, we share what we thought would make great stocking fillers for the animation fan in your life!

The One That Started It All… The Making Of Snow White

Persistence Of Vision looks back on Walt Disney’s groundbreaking masterpiece.