Interviews Archive for Ben Simon

A Conversation with Terry Rawlings

Editor Terry Rawlings counts many impressive films amongst his credits, including Alien and Blade Runner. Here he talks about his 50-plus year career and his picture cutting debut Watership Down, newly available on Blu-ray.

The Princess And The Frog‘s Supervising Animator Mark Henn: A Career Retrospective

Join Jeremy Noyer for an exclusive look back over Disney animator Mark Henn’s career, right up to becoming supervising animator on the Studio’s return to traditional animation, The Princess And The Frog!

Superman: Ruby-Spears on their Man Of Steel

Television animation veterans Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, the executive producers behind 1988’s Superman series, reminisce about their Man of Steel.

Sleeping Beauty Awakes on Disney DVD and Blu-ray!

Jeremie Noyer speaks to the creators of Sleeping Beauty and looks at the film’s new high-definition restoration!

Under The Sea and Behind The Scenes with The Little Mermaid!

Take a dip with Jeremie Noyer behind the sea-nes for our series of exclusive articles celebrating The Little Mermaid‘s return to screens in Ariel’s Beginning. Plus a look back at the original classic and sneak peek at the new Broadway musical!

Get Enchanted with our behind the scenes exclusives!

Animated Views presents the ultimate trip behind the scenes to see how Disney’s latest classic, the multiple Academy Award-nominated and box-office hit Enchanted came to the screen!

Enrico Casarosa on storyboarding Ratatouille

Enrico Casarosa talks to Jérémie Noyer about his career, artistic interests, and storyboarding Ratatouille.

The Dad Behind The Myth: An Interview With Walt Disney’s Daughter Diane

Ben Simon discusses Walt Disney’s life and career with someone who really knew him well…his daughter, Diane Disney Miller.