With Disney’s latest adventure under the sea, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning, coming to DVD, we’re going right back to the beginning, with a host of interviews speaking to cast and crew of this new film, and a look to the past for a chance to remember the original 1989 theatrical feature and those who made it a classic. Plus, we’re taking a sneak peek look at the new Broadway musical adaptation – all of it exclusive to us here at Animated News & Views!

So, dive deep for a glimpse behind the sea-nes with one of Disney’s most popular heroines…


• Part One: Voice artist Jodi Benson on bringing a little mermaid to life!

• Part Two: Co-writer Robert Reece takes us back to Ariel’s Beginning

• Part Three: Art Director Tony Pulham re-designs from the Beginning

• Part Four: Composing the Beginning with Jeanine Tesori and James Dooley

• Part Five: Ariel on Broadway – Glenn Slater sneaks a peek at the new show!

• Part Six: Remembering Ariel’s original musical lyricist, Howard Ashman

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