Disney’s instant classic Enchanted comes to DVD this week, and we’ve a host of celebratory articles: as well as a review of the disc itself, Jeremie Noyer has been speaking to many of the principal crew for a series of exclusive behind the scenes interviews, including composer Alan Menken, animation director James Baxter and the director of Enchanted himself, Kevin Lima, plus a whole heap of never before seen artwork from the production!

So, snuggle up for the fairytale story of how, once upon a time, Giselle’s adventures came to the screen…


• Chapter One: Screenwriter Bill Kelly, the one whose original script started it all!

• Chapter Two: Associate Producer Doug Short, championing the project at Disney!

• Chapter Three: Musical minstrels Alan Menken and Danny Troob, scoring for a Princess!

• Chapter Four: Artists Harald Siepermann and Troy Quane, from development to storyboards!

• Chapter Five: James Baxter and Thomas Schelesny, bringing animation and VFX to life!

• Chapter Six: Director Kevin Lima and exec producer Chris Chase on their fairytale experience!

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The Enchanted DVD is available to buy now from Amazon.com