Anniversary Features
2023: Twentieth Anniversary

Anniversary Announcement

“…Just last month, I noticed Google was celebrating their 25th anniversary, meaning they were just five years old when we started this site in 2003! Wikipedia was just two years old at that time. Facebook wouldn’t launch until the year after us, YouTube was two years later, and Twitter wouldn’t come on to the scene until our third anniversary. Now, we’re obviously not on the level of those sites when it comes to readership! But being in the same breath as them when it comes to longevity is amazing to me. As I like to say every anniversary, we started this site for one reason: we enjoy sharing our love of animation with fellow fans. But let’s be honest. The real reason we’re still here after all these years is because of you, our readers. So thank you all for giving us this opportunity…”

Twenty Questions

How well do you actually know the writers who bring you Animated Views? For our anniversary, the AV staff answers 20 questions about the site, their opinions, and themselves.

Best Animated Year Poll, 20th Anniversary Edition

On our 10th anniversary we asked you to pick the best year for animation during our existence to date. Now it’s time to vote again, this time for the top annual slate of movies during our second decade.

Animated News Weekly Archive

From the first week of our launch in October of 2003 and intermittently over the next six years or so, we had an email newsletter. Sure these messages may not be too useful anymore. But they’re actually kind of fun as a sort of virtual time capsule. So travel back 20 years with us to see how we covered the top stories of the day!

2018: Fifteenth Anniversary

Anniversary Announcement

“Fifteen years ago today, a group of passionate animation fans launched this site! A lot has changed on the world wide web since then. In 2003, Internet Explorer was the browser of choice for over 90% of users. YouTube didn’t exist yet. Social media was in its infancy. And the most popular cell phone in the world looked like this! And things are a bit different around here too. A couple of the same guys are hanging on, but we’ve got some newer faces as well. We changed a few letters in our name. We’ve had a facelift or two. And we’ve widened our focus dramatically. But other than that, we’re doing the same thing we did back then: sharing our love of animation with fellow fans…”

Animated Movies Database Archive

Take a trip back in time to 2003 and the site that we descended from! Olivier Mouroux’s Animated Movies held a treasure trove of information about past, current, and upcoming films. Now you can explore the database he compiled during its existence, as it last appeared online.

Animated Views Timeline

Looking back over the years, there were a lot of people, events, and stories that brought us to where we are today. Take a scroll through time with us as we recall some of the milestones and highlights in the website’s history and revisit key posts and images from our past.

Website Redesign

For our anniversary, we really wanted to get the site spruced up with a new coat of paint — looking and working as good as possible for our readers as we were about to began the celebration. So the biggest birthday feature was a massive revamp of the site’s design, including a brand new logo, a complete overhaul of the look and layout, and a fresh color palette.

2013: Tenth Anniversary

av10@2xAnniversary Announcement

“Ten years ago this week, on October 18, 2003, Animated Views was born! We looked a lot different way back then and our name has changed a little bit. But other than that we’re doing the same thing we wanted to do a decade ago — share our love of animation with other fans… We want to thank all of our readers, without whom we would not have lasted a year! This milestone has re-energized us, and we’re working on some new ideas that will hopefully take us into our second decade…”

Animated Views: A Retrospective

The people that started it all and have brought you Animated Views for the past decade tell the site’s story in their own words.

Animated News Logo Archive

Just a week after launching in 2003, we started a tradition that would become a trademark — changing our logo for holidays and film openings. Come take a look back at the over 70 logos that have held the top spot on this site over the past decade.

A Pictorial History of Animated Views

On our 10th anniversary we asked you to pick the best year for animation during our existence to date. Now it’s time to vote again, this time for the top annual slate of movies during our second decade.

The Perfect 10 List

Animated Views’ critics have rated over 700 titles. But only 31 have earned our highest score. On our 10th birthday, we look back at those perfect 10s!

Best Animated Year Poll

Animated Views has been around for 10 years. We had you tell us which of those years had the best slate of animated movies!