Anniversary Features
2018: Fifteenth Anniversary

In October of 2018, Animated Views celebrated its 15th anniversary! The biggest part of this special occasion was our first major revamp in nine years. But we also had two other birthday features.

Animated Movies Database Archive

Take a trip back in time to 2003 and the site that we descended from! Olivier Mouroux’s Animated Movies held a treasure trove of information about past, current, and upcoming films. Now you can explore the database he compiled during its existence, as it last appeared online.

Animated Views Timeline

Looking back over the years, there were a lot of people, events, and stories that brought us to where we are today. Take a scroll through time with us as we recall some of the milestones and highlights in the website’s history and revisit key posts and images from our past.

2013: Tenth Anniversary

av10@2xIn October of 2013, Animated Views celebrated its 10th anniversary. For a week leading up to the actual date (October 18th) we posted a look back at the history of the site.

Animated Views: A Retrospective

The people that started it all and have brought you Animated Views for the past decade tell the site’s story in their own words.

Animated News Logo Archive

Just a week after launching in 2003, we started a tradition that would become a trademark — changing our logo for holidays and film openings. Come take a look back at the over 70 logos that have held the top spot on this site over the past decade.

A Pictorial History of Animated Views

Let’s dig through the Animated Views archives! We’ll show you how things used to be and give you a peak behind the scenes at some things never meant for public consumption!

The Perfect 10 List

Animated Views’ critics have rated over 700 titles. But only 31 have earned our highest score. On our 10th birthday, we look back at those perfect 10s!

Best Animated Year Poll

Animated Views has been around for 10 years. We had you tell us which of those years had the best slate of animated movies!