Month: December 2012

Readers’ Choice – Best Animated Feature Film of 2012

It seems like everyone else gets a say, so why not you! Make your selection in the AV Readers’ Choice poll for the best animated film of 2012.

Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2

A second helping of Pixar’s shorts doesn’t have the wow factor of the earlier films but Disney’s package finds room for something even cooler in John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter’s Cal-Arts student films!

Will Christmas holidays save Monsters, Inc. 3-D?

Disney’s re-release of Monsters, Inc. in 3-D has been having a less than jolly holiday so far, earning less than $7 million since it opened last Wednesday, Box Office Mojo is reporting. The film was originally set to relaunch in theaters next January, until Disney had the (bizarre) decission to release it during the busy Christmas […]

Finding Nemo: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

An earlier Pixar attempt to break away from inanimate objects and toward organic elements, Nemo remains a triumph, and although Disney’s new 3D set drops some DVD extras it also adds some new ones.

Planes is flying into theaters

In somewhat surprising news, Disney’s Planes is getting a theatrical release, hitting theaters everywhere on August 9th, 2013, is reporting. The Cars spin-off was orignally set to go straight to DVD. The plot will focus on Dusty, an airplane who’s terrified of heights.

Turbo teaser zooms online

The first trailer for Turbo has made its way online and can be seen over at CinemaBlend. The movie tells the story of a snail who dreams of becoming a racer. After a freak accident gives him the power of super speed, his wish just might come true. Starring Ryan Reynolds, the movie opens everywhere […]

New Frozen Cast Members

Jonathan Groff will voice the Extreme Mountain Man in Disney’s new animated film Frozen. Groff’s character teams up with Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, who plans to free her kingdom from the Snow Queen’s, played by Idina Menzel, evil curse of eternal winter. The film is set for release on November 27, 2013.

New Smurfs 2 Trailer Gives Away More Story

Sony Animation is working on a sequel to Smurfs, the movie the some love to hate and others just love to love. A new trailer for the sequel, Smurfs 2 is available for viewing. It explains a bit more about what we can expect in the sequel, returning cast members, journeying back to our world, […]

Up: 3D Edition

Up returns in 3D and, several more viewings over the couple of years on from its original release it can now be seen as the almost Pixar-perfect movie that it is. The 3D is a worthy addition, for once, even if the extras are the same as before.

Ricky Gervais To Be Muppet Co-Star

Ty Burrell is set to star as the villain in the next Muppet movie, but he will need a hero to co-star with. The British comedian Ricky Gervais may be the next human Muppet star. In last years The Muppets, Gervais had a cameo in a cut scene from the movie. Now he can reclaim […]

Disney Historian J.B. Kaufman on the greatest Snow White books of all!

Jeremie speaks to Disney historian JB Kaufman about his two new books on Walt Disney’s Snow White, each of which present rare, never before seen artwork and stories from the film’s production!


The latest stop-motion feature from the Coraline team pushes the boundaries of the technique even further once more, even if the resulting film is ironically a little lifeless. Universal’s disc presentation, however, is absolutely first rate.

The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show: The Complete Animated Series

The Emmy-nominated Saturday morning series finally gets a complete series set thanks to the Warner Archive program. The creations of Charles Schulz dispense gentle wisdom about the harshness of life.

Combustible wins Grand Prize

Akira and Steamboy director Katsuhiro Otomo’s film Combustible was just honored with the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival’s Grand Prize for Animation. “The fictional story, inspired by incidents such as the Great Fire of Meireiki (also known as the Furisode or Long-Sleeved Kimono Fire) and the Great Fire of Greengrocer Oshichi, is depicted in an […]

Guillermo del Toro’s Book of Life is Greenlit

Guillermo del Toro and Reel FX’s Boook of Life will distribute by Fox Animation Studios. The film will be released October 14, 2014. The Hollywood Reporter states the movie is an adventure story set during the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. More details on the story are being kept under wraps. Jorge R. Gutierrez […]

A Charlie Brown Christmas Did Have Commercialization

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite Christmas special that explains the true meaning of the holiday by speaking out against commercialization. TV Legends Revealed takes a look at the product placements that were in the special’s original airing. Coca-Cola was the sponsor for the show and back in the day it was shown without […]

Jim Henson Company Moves to China

The Jim Henson Company will not relocate to China, instead the studio behind such shows as Sid the Science Kid and The Hoobs might set up an animation studio in Tianjan, China–predicted to be one of the biggest media cities in the future. The JHC has signed a memo of understanding with Nine Eyes Stone […]

Golden Globe nominees for 2012 films announced

The 70th annual Golden Globe Award nominees have been revealed, the AP reports. Animated nominations were confined to the Best Animated Film category with Brave, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania, Rise of the Guardians, and Wreck-It Ralph getting the nods.

Tintin sequel is still happening

Although he’s been incredibly busy getting his Hobbit trilogy to the big screen as of late, Peter Jackson is still planning on making his sequel to The Adventures of Tintin in the near future. According to Bleeding Cool, Jackson will shoot the motion capture footage sometime next year, with the movie aiming for a 2015 […]

Brave: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Pixar’s medieval Scottish-set fairytale adventure has the required magic to cast its spell, even if it’s not quite as robust as usual from the Studio, but Disney’s disc treatment is excellent.

First look: Monsters University

EW has your first look at two brand new images from Monsters University, the upcoming prequel to Monsters, Inc. In addition, they also have more details involving the film’s plot, which will involve Mike and Sulley’s rivarly and eventual friendship. “We get to show off their differences,” says producer Kori Rae. “They both approach life in […]

Get ready for an…Angry Birds movie?

As was rumored several months ago, an Angry Birds movie is apparently actually happening now, is reporting. Despicable Me producer John Cohen will produce the film, which will be the first animated feature from Rovio Entertainment. The Angry Birds, of course, are the stars of an incredibly popular video game, and were recently the subject […]

New Lone Ranger trailer

Continuing what has proven to be a huge week as far as movie previews are concerned, Diseny has released a new trailer for The Lone Ranger which can be seen at iTunes. Starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, the adventure western opens everywhere next 4th of July weekend.

Man of Steel trailer soars online

Days before it was set to debut before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on the big screen, the brand new trailer for the much-anticipated Superman reboot The Man of Steel has made its way online and can be seen over at From the director of 300 and Watchmen, the movie flies into theaters everywhere […]

Critics’ Choice Awards nominations announced

Brave, Frankenweenie, ParaNorman, Madagascar 3, Rise of the Guardians and Wreck-It Ralph are the six nomations for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Critics Choice Awards. Learn Me Right from Brave got a nomination in the Best Original Song category. And The Avengers, Cloud Atlas, Life of Pi, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Dark […]

Ty Burrell To Star In New Muppet Movie

Christoph Waltz was set to star in the new Muppet movie, but due to scheduling conflicts he pulled out of the project. Good news Muppet fans! The lack of a lead human actor does not mean the movie is canceled. Instead the good folks at the Muppet Studios signed Ty Burrell for the movie. Burrell […]

Prep & Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection

Disney’s three Christmas television specials come to disc together for the first time and, with a great selection of extras, make for a great stocking filler!

Wreck It-Ralph sequel happening?

Is a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph going to happen? The people behind it apparently think so, according to Sarah Silverman, the voice of Vanellope von Schweetz in the film, said that “there will be a sequel.” John C.Reilly, the voice of the title character, added that “The movie made $150 million dollars in eleven […]

Pixar’s “Mind” movie gets a title?

Pixar’s Untitled Movie That Takes You Inside The Mind may be untitled no more. Bleeding Cool reports that the Pete Docter directed film, told from the perspective of a little girl’s emotions, will be titled The Inside Out. After getting that scoop, the site did some research and discovered that Disney’s head of distribution in […]

National Board of Review honors Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph picked up the prize for Best Animated Film from the National Board of Review, according to Entertainment Weekly. Their track record of predicting Oscar success is close to perfect. Since the Academy started giving out an animated feature award in 2001, the winner of the NBR animation prize went on to win the […]