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New Ice Age 3 poster

A new Japanese poster for Blue Sky’s Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs can now be viewed online at Worst Previews. A direct link to the one sheet can be accessed here. Ice Age 3, Blue Sky’s first animated film to be shown in 3D, hits theaters on July 1st, 2009. Thanks to “CGIFanatic” […]

Zac Efron set for Jonny Quest, title change

According to The L.A. Times, actor Zac Efron of High School Musical fame has signed on to play the lead character in Warner Bros.’ upcoming film adaption of the Jonny Quest animated series. The article also mentions that Warner Bros. might not be naming the movie after the original title of the television show, possibly […]

Healing through humor: Paul & The Dragon on DVD

Review and interview featuring Paul & The Dragon, a unique new animated featurette from Holland that helps children suffering with cancer to deal with their situation.

Paul & The Dragon: Cartoon Laugh-O-Therapy with the Film’s Creators!

Jeremie Noyer speaks with the creators of Paul & The Dragon, a new animated short from Holland that helps children deal with cancer.

Paul & The Dragon

Holland’s AniKey Studios’ debuting short film is a really entertaining approach to helping children and their parents cope and overcome major illness.

The Sky Crawlers DVD in May

DVDActive reports that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced DVD and Blu-ray releases of Mamoru Oshii’s The Sky Crawlers for the 26th May. The only extra material on the DVD release will be 2 featurettes: “Animation Research for The Sky Crawlers” and “The Sound Design and Animation of The Sky Crawlers“. The Blu-ray release will […]

Miyazaki's Ponyo to open in August

EW reports that Walt Disney Pictures will release Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animated film Ponyo in United States on August 14. Featuring the voices of Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Cloris Leachman, Liam Nesson, Lily Tomlin, Betty White, Frankie Jonas and Noah Cyrus, the English language version of the film is being produced by John […]

Watching the Watchmen, plus Green Lantern!

Although the Watchmen film ultimately failed to fulfill all the very heavy expectations both fans of the comic book and those coming to the property for the first time might have had, it still offered a sprawling mass of eye candy on an epic scale, and Zack Snyder’s film is an accomplishment, whatever anyone takes […]

Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter

This film tie-in tells a dark tale of a man’s desperate bid to race an unearthly pirate ship to his home town. Some interesting bonus features also enhance the Watchmen film experience.

New Upisode online

A new ‘Upisode’ has appeared online and can now be seen on Moviefone. The clip, titled Snipe Trap, shows the efforts of one of the film’s protagonist in trying to create a successful rope trap. Up hits theaters on May 29th.

The Odd Couple: Centennial Collection

The classic live-action comedy The Odd Couple is the latest Paramount picture to be added to its Centennial Collection.

Like a Bolt out of the Blu! Plus The Odd Couple!

Bolt reviewed, plus our Pinocchio contest, and a look at Paramount’s new release of the classic live-action comedy The Odd Couple.

Fantastic Mr. Fox logo, early details

A low-quality image of the logo for Fantastic Mr. Fox as well as early plot details concerning the movie can both be seen on First Showing. Based on Roald Dahl’s children’s novel of the same name, the stop-motion film tells the story of three farmers who band together in order to get rid of a […]


Disney’s latest CGI comedy adventure delivers some big fun but ultimately fails to join the ranks of the Studio’s best, even under Pixar head John Lasseter’s supervision.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo: The Complete 2nd, 3rd & 4th Seasons

Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang return for the final three seasons of one of the most popular revivals of the classic series in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. In seventeen episodes, the gang solve mysteries, find clues, and unmask villains in hilarious adventures.

Snow White announced, plus weekend update!

Early official word on Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs seven week Blu-ray head start over the standard definition DVD.

Animated Views: first look at Captain Toontastic

As well as new reviews for Monsters Vs. Aliens and the DVD release of The Zeta Project: Season One, Animated Views today discusses the traditionally animated superhero comedy Captain Toontastic, being animated in France for international release.

Monsters Vs. Aliens vs. Zeta vs. Captain Toontastic?

Monsters Vs. Aliens and The Zeta Project reviewed, plus news on new comic superhero Captain Toontastic!

Monsters vs Aliens

Be afraid. Be very afraid of Monsters vs Aliens.