Month: September 2008

Best-reviewed animated films of all time

RottenTomatoes have come up with their list of 50 best-reviewed animated films of all time. Features on the list include Disney classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Studio Ghibli’s anime classic Spirited Away, Aardman’s stop motion smash Chicken Run, acclaimed and surreal foreign entries such as The Triplets of Belleville, and most […]

No new scenes for Toy Story 3D re-releases

Collider reports that the re-releases of Toy Story films in 3D will not feature any new shots and nothing will be changed in the films when they return to cinemas next year. Jim Morris, producer of Wall-e, adds, “We’re not changing a thing in the movies. We’re doing it that completely preserves the original movie […]

Akira goes Blu in 2009

AnimeNewsNetwork reports that Bandai Entertainment is all set to release Katsuhiro Otomo’s acclaimed anime classic Akira on Blu-ray Disc in Japan on February 20 and in United States on February 24, 2009. According to the report, the main feature on the disc will be presented in MPEG-4 AVC format with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080p […]

Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood

Director Michael Winner was an “interesting” choice to put in charge of a family film, and it’s not an entirely successful outcome, being tinged ever so slightly with some questionable material in an otherwise engaging film that’s packed with old-time screen legend cameos.

New reviews a comin'…first up is He-Man 3

Rand been in over the weekend with his comments on He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Volume Three!

Car Toons coming to Disney Channel

Animation World Network reports that Car Toons, an animated short series featuring characters from the Cars franchise, is set to air on Disney Channel starting on October 27th. The series consists of three episodes, which are all told as tall-tales by Mater the tow-truck. Premiering first will be Rescue Squad Mater on the 27th, followed […]

Hollywood legend Paul Newman dies aged 83

Actor Paul Newman who, among many other roles including the iconic Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke, Fast Eddie Felson in The Hustler and his Oscar-winning sequel The Color Of Money, was the voice of Doc Hudson in Disney/Pixar’s Cars, has died from cancer at his home in Westport, Connecticut. He was […]

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Volume Three

The 2002-2003 series wraps up with battles galore as He-Man and the Masters face off against not only Skeletor but also King Hiss and his Snake Men. It’s a great-looking show that just manages to rise above its origins as a prolonged toy commercial.

A unique new look for John Carter of Mars?

SCI-FI Wire reports that Andrew Stanton, the director of Pixar’s upcoming feature John Carter of Mars, with co-writer Mark Andrews will be putting their own spin on the iconic story. The site also shares that, according to a Pixar manager, the film will have a unique look as well. Jim Morris, general manager at Pixar […]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars DVD in November

DVDActive reports that Warner Home Video has announced the dvd release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on November 11. Available as a 1-disc, a 2-disc and a Blu-ray edition, extras on the 2-disc set will include “The Clone Wars: The Untold Stories”, “The Voices of The Clone Wars”, “Webdocs: Six making-of featurettes, as seen […]

Howard Ashman, and 304 Dalmatians!

AN&V speaks to those close to Howard Ashman, and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure, plus 101 Dalmatians, plus 102 Dalmatians equals 304 Dalmatians, right!? As if you had to ask…

101 Dalmatians / 102 Dalmatians (live-action)

Disney’s live-action take on 101 Dalmatians is a surprising charmer, but its overbloated sequel certainly isn’t! Both have now been served up on new discs, but there’s not a lot here for fans to get their teeth into…

101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure Special Edition

Disney’s sequel to Walt’s classic may not burst with that film’s originality, but fans could do worse than to see what’s been cooked up here and will find a respectful follow-up full of fun touches.

Ariel’s Song: loving memories of a Mermaid‘s lyricist, Howard Ashman

In the final part of our Little Mermaid series, Jeremie Noyer meet with two very special people close to Howard Ashman’s heart: sister Sarah Gillespie and partner William Lauch, who fondly remember him here.

Christmas Carol banner

A new banner promoting A Christmas Carol, which features a painting of a dark and snowy village, has been posted on SlashFilm. A direct link to the image can be found here. Thanks to Josh for the tip!

Lilo and Stitch team start training dragons

The Seward Street blog mentions that former Lilo and Stitch teammates Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois have re-teamed as director and writer, respectively, on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon.

Oprah joins Princess And The Frog cast

.MTV Movies Blog has revealed that popular celebrity Oprah Winfrey has signed on to provide vocals for The Princess And The Frog. The talk show host and actress will be playing the role of Eudora, mother of the film’s lead character. Originally rumored to be slated for the role was Angela Bassett. The Princess And […]

Cars 2 due out in 2011

According to Coming Soon, Pixar’s sequel to the summer hit Cars is now aiming for a 2011 release date, rather than its original goal of 2012. The news was announced at an all-day Disney event where presentation’s for the studios upcoming releases were held.

Confirmation on this year's Walt Disney Treasures, and Real Ghostbusters!

This year’s trio of Walt Disney Treasures officially confirmed, plus the skinny on The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Series collection.

The Art and Technology of Bolt

Disney Insider peers into the soul of its soon-to-be-released animated feature Bolt and finds technological advancements only enhancing the fine art nature of its animated films. “Taking cues from the art world, Disney animators have captured the essence of Edward Hopper’s visual poetry by giving Bolt a lush, painterly feel reminiscent of Disney greats Pinocchio […]

We sneak a peek at The Little Mermaid on Broadway!

Jeremie speaks with none other than lyricist Glenn Slater, composer Alan Menken’s new collaborator in bringing The Little Mermaid to the Broadway stage.

Ariel’s Song: Glenn Slater, a sparkling lyricist for The Little Mermaid on Broadway!

Jeremie Noyer literally jumps right back to Ariel’s beginning to speak with lyricist Glenn Slater, composer Alan Menken’s new collaborator in bringing The Little Mermaid to the Broadway musical stage.

Astro Boy lands a release date

Anime News Network reports that the CGI adaption of Astro Boy now has an official date for it’s North American release: October 23, 2009. The film will be shown on over 3,000 screens across the continent. Thanks to ‘GeorgeC’ over at the Animated News & Views Forums for the tip.

Ponyo reviews, US release buzz

TIME reviews Ponyo on the Cliff, the latest film by Hayao Miyazaki and also mentions that Disney will release Ponyo in North America, next year. In another review of Ponyo, Variety says, “Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animated epic, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, unfolds with a magic limpidity, teeming with imaginative transports that owe […]

3-D movies: The answer to filling theaters? has posted an article featuring Jeffrey katzenberg seeing 3-D as the third great revolution in the history of film. He predicts that in less than a handful of years the great majority of films will be made and shown in 3-D. Katzenberg’s Monsters vs Aliens and James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar are two much […]

Max Howard on Igor

Animation World Network has posted an interview with Max Howard, producer of the recently released CGI flick Igor. Howard provides a behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating the independent film, including various locations Igor was animated in as well as what it took to nab the A-list cast of actors. The unique look of […]

Extended scene from Bolt

An extended clip from Disney’s Bolt can now be viewed on Yahoo! Movies. The scene features Bolt and his hamster sidekick Rhino rescuing Mittens the cat from a pound. Bolt opens in theaters on November 21st. Thanks to ‘Wolf’ over at the Animated News & Views Forums for the heads up!

Interview with Mark Walton of Bolt

The latest installment of Latino Review’s Bolt articles can be read here. The story features an interview with Mark Walton, a story artist at Disney who also provided vocals for Rhino the hamster. Walton discusses his experience in voicing the character, mentioning that he was originally just a scratch voice for Rhino. Bolt hits theaters […]

Little Airplane making jump to the big-screen

According to Variety, animation studio Little Airplane, responsible for the Nickelodeon children’s show Wonder Pets, is planning on expanding to feature films. The small company currently has three projects currently in production, including one animated film, one live-action, and one hybrid of the two. “Wonder Pets showed us that we had the ability to create […]

New voice talent for Meatballs

Coming Soon reports that several actors have signed on to play various characters in Sony’s Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, the big-screen adaption of the popular children’s book by the same name. Lending their voices to the film will be Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Andy Samberg, Bruce Campbell, Mr. T, and Tracy […]